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    User history: last five accessed records

    For a database I'm working on at work, I've been asked whether it'd be possible to implement something along the following lines: a drop-down box that lists the last 10 accessed records for a user. It doesn't matter whether they were edited, as we often consult the database for information, and...
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    Excel Windows Different 2010 and 365?

    XL 2010 workbook opens with three windows configured (location on screen and size) as they were when the workbook is saved. XL 365 opens with three equally sized windows in the middle of the screen. Tried fiddling with Windows object and indexing but read somewhere that, for example, indexing...
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    Remove Duplicate based on Time

    I have a spreadsheet with 3 columns: Usercode, Date Accessed and Time Accessed. The major sort is Usercode and then a minor sort by Date Accessed and then Time Accessed. I need a macro that will remove all of the duplicate Date Accessed for each unique Usercode and the remaining Date Accessed...
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    If "yes" then move to next cell, "no" then move to cell in next row

    IF "YES" THEN MOVE TO NEXT CELL, "NO" THEN MOVE TO CELL IN NEXT ROW Title says it all. I want to have a cell in the middle of my row that will decide if i move to the next cell in the same row or go back to the start of the next row. Any help is appreciated!! I have never even accessed VBA so...
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    Date Last Accessed Updates Itself

    Anyone know how to query the Date Last Accessed on a file WITHOUT it updating to the current date? After looking around online, it looks like this is a BIG problem with Windows. For instance, if you right-click a file > Properties, Date Last Accessed will be the current time. Totally...

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