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  1. HawaiianShirts

    SUMIFS Forumla with Date Range Returning Unexpected Values

    I'm working on my personal finances, which I've done for years with Excel. The last version was in the XP edition, and I kept that for a long time. To calculate my monthly expense totals, I manually entered a formula each time. Now that I'm using Office 2010, I figured I could make my life...
  2. gemcgraw

    Getting a Cell's data length (LEN) from another worksheet

    I'm trying to do something simple but for some reason my coding is either freezing Excel or closes it. I simply want to look at cell C7 on another spreadsheet (XYZ) and get it's LEN. Any simple one liner?
  3. I

    Standard Deviation of a matched cell in all worsheets

    I have written a formula that will take what is written in Column A of my Cover sheet and match it to Column A of all the other worksheets (other worksheets defined as "CMM_Dates") which will inturn take the Column E values of all the CMM_Dates worksheets with a match in Column A and average...
  4. W

    Array formula across multiple worksheets

    I have a worksheet which contains a list of items (1-44) in one column, and a sensitivity trigger in the next column where I can turn the item on or off. I want a summary showing the movements in each item if they are turned on. There is a worksheet for each item (called simply 'Item 1' etc)...

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