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    Get Active cell from a text box that has macro attached

    Hi I am trying to update a cell A2 with a different value depending on which macro I run. Each macro is run from a text box placed over a different cell. In each cell A1 to Z1 have a unique piece of text e.g. A1 = Reason1, B1 Reason 2 etc I have a textbox over each cell which gets its text...
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    VBA Select Active Cells in Column

    I have a report that has a variable number of rows, depending on the number of transactions returned. I need to select the active cells in Col. "L", but exclude the last active cell, because it contains the Total for that column. The data to select in column "L" starts on row 5. Once I get...
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    Shifting a selected range of cells to the right or left

    I have a spreadsheet that needs to shift a selected range of cells one column to the right or left using an "Advance" or "Delay" button. Here is the sequence of operation: 1. Activate a button 2. Select the cells beginning 2 spaces from the button's originating cell to 10 spaces from the...
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    Replacing Range of Selected Cells using VBA

    Hello everyone, I'm currently using the following code for a macro that replaces the one and only active cell's space for an underscore: Sub Hello() 'Finds and replaces spaces with an nothing ActiveCell.Value = Replace(ActiveCell.Value, " ", "_") ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1).Select End Sub...
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    Need Macro help with Copy and paste off of active cells

    Hi, I have a macro in one of my excel files that basically selects a list of cells from another page in the workbook and pastes those into the active cell. (it is a list of locations and nominal values) for example I would run this macro and paste it into say cell H30 tand it would fill in down...
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    How to create a weekly summary of entries contained on multiple worksheets...

    Hi, I've created a macro that searches and then auto populates a form based on customer details. It then keeps a record of customer contacts made by sales reps. I am now trying to add the functionality to produce a weekly report of activity by reps. Each customers records are stored on its...
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    Running Custom Sort on Actively Selected Cells

    Hi Everyone and thanks in advance for your time, Basically, I have a sheet that shows time in Days going downwards (monday tuesday etc.) and is broken out by week. In Column C, I have Project Names. Columns G-O have numbers. What I need to do is run a custom sort multiple times down the...
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    Want to select a variable number of cells and enter values contained in their "connected" cells when clicking command button

    Hi all terrible Title I know but didn't know how better to explain it. It's actually very simple but unfortunately I am not yet good enough at this to work it out. I have a "master table" set up with staff names in Column A and dates in Columns D - DF Underneath I have the same staff names...
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    Get the address of active cells into array

    Hi, Can anyone help with a way to get the address of active cells into an array. There can be 2 or more active cells (selected with Ctrl pressed or a range like A1:C5 etc).. Thanks in advance Amal :confused:

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