active directory

  1. B

    Querying AD information Through VBA Error

    I have tried numerous ways to get this to work and keep getting an "atrribute syntax specified to the directory service is invalid". I am new to active directory and have never used nonrational database querying before. It seems to connect fine but after that no matter what I try it will not get...
  2. O

    Urgent Active Directory Report Help

    Hi all I am very new to Power BI and I have been asked to put together a way of reporting that the company can use to solve a variety of problems. I have power BI available to me and with the AD integration, I think it will be the perfect tool. I have already put together some dashboards but i...
  3. M

    Active Directory Authentication

    Hi, I am trying to get this macro to work and getting nowhere fast. It involves a Private Sub UserForm_Click and a Public Function. The idea is, I have a userform with two text boxes, one for employee ID (always numbers and text box named "txtUser.Value") and the other for password (can be...
  4. J

    Active Directory Query Groups

    I have been working on some code to get Excel to retrieve every group that a user is a member of in AD. This will be for comparing users permission and I was looking to get the code onto an excel spreadsheet so I could sort the data. I have been successful using cmd to get the info into a txt...
  5. M

    Trying to run a script to query active dirctory.

    Hello, I am trying to run a script that will query our active directory, and everything is working until it gets to a certain naming convention. I am trying to match an object is in our active directory corpadNet2001-CORPds-PositionCode, but when I enter in this object in VB it automatically...
  6. W

    SQL query based on current user AD attribute match

    Hi, I have an Excel report, which pulls information from a database. The data is sensitive to each user so I would like the query to return the relevant data only for that logged-in user. The complication appears to be matching up the current logged-in user with the users in the database. The...
  7. S

    Excel 2010 VBA, Active Directory

    Dear all, I use one of the internet scripts to download data from AD to excel and it works in almost each case but in AD we can find some attributes (fields) which could have assigned multiply values. One of this kind of filed is userCertificate. In that case I don't know how I can proceed this...
  8. W

    Need VBA code to do pass-through authentication from Active Directory to an Oracle database

    I have a query in VBA code, to pull data from an Oracle database into Excel. That code works fine, but I have to prompt the user for their username and password every time they run the query, to authenticate them to Oracle. The user's Active Directory credentials and their Oracle database...
  9. G

    Active directory group membership check

    Hi, I am trying to produce a macro that will allow me to run different scripts based on user group membership however it fails to recognise the AD groups.any help is appreciated. '****************************************************************************** '** Begin of modification block '**...
  10. L

    Access files in a network share on a domain and authenticate users if the sub throws an error.

    Hi all, I have been tasked with creating an excel macro that will import xml files into a spreadsheet from an active directory network share. I have the code to import the files, however, if the user running the macro does not have access to the share it throws an error. Is there a way to do...
  11. E

    How do I get the sAMAccountName of a Foreign Security Principal using VBA

    I use Excel to audit Active Directory Group memberships. Starting with the distinguishedName of a group I get the group object and then enumerate all of the group members (and imbedded groups recurrsively). For each member of the group (distinguishedName) I obtain the object. Some of these...
  12. 9

    Query AD for Computer Name via User ID

    All, Hello. I am needing to query AD for the Computer Name tied to a particular sAMAccountName, but cannot figure out how to do it. I know this has to be simple, but it escapes me. I use the following function to pull other info by the sAMAccountName, but the "ComputerName" returns...
  13. D

    Function UserNameWindows()

    Function UserNameWindows() As String UserName = Environ("USERNAME") End Function I tried using the above function and it compiles properly but there is no output in the cell I apply the function to. I can see the function in the insert function field below the tool bars, but the cell is blank...

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