1. T

    Use cell value as column offset

    Please Help, I have been searching the internet for an answer but cannot get what I am looking for. Here is what I need to know how to do: ActiveCell.Offset (0, E40).Select ActiveCell.Offset (0, "The value of cell E40").select It seems so simple but I have not figured out a solution. TIA.
  2. B

    Updating ActiveCell.Formula to include Relative Cell Reference

    So I have the following script in my macros: activecell.Formula = "= IF(LEFT($I6,2)=""17"",""CTRL+G"","""") Instead of $I6, I need to use Offset so I can call the cell needed (and use the formula in mulitple macros). I thought I should edit swap out $I6 with ActiveCell.Offset(1,-12).Value but...
  3. G

    VBA - Cell Reference Efficiency

    In general, is ActiveCell.Offset(row,col) or Cells(row,col) more efficient in referencing another cell?
  4. B

    Issues with code to highlight cells

    Hello all, Long story short, I have a piece of code here that is supposed to compare two experts in a head to head style on who has more clients. Whoever has the higher number, the code should highlight the cell with the higher total. If they are tied, it then compares a second category, pace...
  5. W

    Problem with match index formula when using variables with wildcard

    Hi All Can anyone help me please, as I have been trying to sort this out for ages, with no success. strName = ActiveCell.Value  strName = Left(strName, 10) ActiveCell.Offset(, -5).Formula = _ "=IFERROR(INDEX('[TEMP.xlsb]MASTER'!$A:$A,MATCH(TRIM(""*...
  6. D

    Where/how do I register a dynamic range

    Hi I want to populate a userform combo/listbox - RowSource from a dynamic range that I created in a Sub according to which cell is clicked on (using activecell.offset). What do I specify for RowSource? Do I need to register the range name - how? Thanks for any help David
  7. N

    VBA code for next business day

    Hi, I am working on a macro wherein the condition is If the values on the cells on column L is equal to the next business day(ie 02/11/2017) then Activecell.offset (0,5)value= "TO PREMATCH" Can you tell me the code for the next business day?
  8. A

    Excel VBA to find cell and select range

    Hi, I am trying to create a macro that will select a cell using the find feature and then using that cell as the first cell for a range. I can use the find feature to select a cell and use that cell to either select the last cell in that column or the last cell in that row but not both. I need...
  9. A

    Putting Same Data into two Ranges on two worksheets

    I cannot figure out where i am going wrong with my code here, any help would be appreciated. I originally wrote this code to put the info into 1 of 3 ranges depending on which option button is checked. Now i need to also have it put the data into a separate worksheet in the first blank row. This...
  10. L

    VBA Loop through Rows

    All, I need help using the loop function to move to the next row while always following the Column order of "I, A, B, D, C, E, F, G, H" Currently, I have alot of identical code, only difference is the row number is increasing. There must be a way to utilize 1 section of code and have it run...
  11. K

    activecell formula gives #name error

    Hi I'm running Excel 2010 and would appreciate help on a #Name error when trying to enter a formula using active cell.offset via VBA ActiveCell.Offset(0, 4).Formula = "=If(ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1)>0,ActiveCell.Offset(0, 17) / ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1),0)" The above 'works' in that a 'formula' is...
  12. Prevost

    Calculate difference between two dates in cells by using activecell.offset and datediff

    Hi There, I need to calculate the difference between two dates (in days) using VBA. I want the date to be put into the active cell and the start date and end date are referenced from that active cell. I think that my variables are not declared correctly or I need to convert the...
  13. A

    Copy to ActiveCell and activecell.offset(0, 2)

    2 parts to this question: 2 Workbooks Copies Data from wb1 to wb2 make changes in wb2 and override this information in wb1 -- (This part I got) This part seems confusioning and i thought a loop would be way to go, but not sure how to begin. Data which is copied back is as follows in...
  14. T

    How to delete subsequent row if adjacent cell value >0 ???

    Hi guys, I'm doing a spreadsheet for different countries with numerous Reports. Whenever I insert a report for an individual country, a row will be inserted below. ActiveCell.Offset(1).EntireRow.Insert However when I enter the value for report #1 for Bangladesh in the other columns (...
  15. C

    Left Function using activecell.offset

    Hello: I am attempting to separate the contents of a column of cells using the "left" function. Specifically, I have a column of data such as "2Q 2010" that I need to split into a column for the quarter and a column for the year. I have constructed a Do...While loop to perform this function as...
  16. 2

    Help with Vba in Excel

    I'm am very new to using vba in excel and i'm trying to write a code that splits the names from one cell into 2 cells and leaves out the "," between the names and the middle initial this is what i have so far but whenever i try to compile it highlight the first number Row = 2 and says "Compile...

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