1. P

    Active Hedings without ActiveWindow cmd

    Hi Is there away to display all headings without using Active Window. The following code works fine but i don't want to open and activate each sheet just to turn on Headings, as this triggers other objects like WS_Actvate etc. For Each ws In Sheets ws.Visible =...
  2. B

    VBA SaveAs, possibly a tmp file issue

    I am having an issue with Excel 2013 crashing where I have a master file that generates a new workbook from selected sheets from the master file. the scenario is I create the new workbook with the selected or grouped sheets from the master file, it saves and closes the new workbook...
  3. D

    Show UserForm in New Workbook

    Here's where I'm at... I initially show UserForm1 in the window for Book1. The user enters values into the textboxes of UserForm1 then clicks CommandButton1. The subroutine for CommandButton1 checks that the active workbook is the correct form. If not, it opens a new workbook using...
  4. B

    .WindowState = xlNormal hangs up in Excel 2016

    Windows 10, Excel 2016; This worked in Excel 2010 but hangs up in Excel 2016 after the ".WindowState = xlNormal" statement ant ",Top = 1" (but not always). Anyone know why? With ActiveWindow .WindowState = xlNormal .Top = 1 .Left = 1 .Height =...
  5. cgmojoco

    VBA ActiveWindow problem

    I'm using this code to update a userform (this is code that is part of a progress bar): Private Sub UserForm_Activate() Dim lTop As Long, lLeft As Long Dim lRow As Long, lCol As Long With ActiveWindow.VisibleRange lRow = .Rows.Count / 2 lCol = .Columns.Count / 2 End With...

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