1. F

    Issue by using UsedRange for copying values from a worksheet and paste it into another workshet

    Hi, I am struggling to do something really simple: Adding a Macro to my active workbook which opens another workbook (located in the same folder), copy all the values from one sheet and pasting it into my active worksheet. Here is my code: Sub Button1_Click() Dim filename As String Dim...
  2. H

    IF elseif else conditional statement.

    I have a large messy data sheet that I export form a piece of software. I am trying to compile the date into individual forms that then can be printed into PDF's and send back to the users to as a confirmation. conference room request worksheet sample link...
  3. H

    concatenate two cell to name new active sheet.

    I am trying to pull data from to cells in a worksheet to name the tab of a new work sheet. I can make it work for data in one cell but not the two. Here is what i am using for the one ActiveSheet.Name = Sheets(2).Range("A3").Offset(counter - 1, 0).Value 'name sheet I would also like to...
  4. Henkvdm

    Object Required: ' ActiveWorksheet" -

    My issue: The Script I use worked perfectly until now. The last time I ran it was last month "March 2018". The script itself is very simple. I open an Excel Workbook ( only one), execute the script from SAP SCM. The script reads one MARKET at a time and then runs trough a list of steps. The...
  5. T

    Countif Cell equals Active Worsheet

    Hello. I need to enter a countif formula if a cell equals the name of the active worksheet and also cell A1. My worksheets are not always the same and I also want to be able to copy this formula to multiple worksheets so if the formula states active worksheet then is should work properly when I...

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