1. C

    Index Match Return Second Column, not first

    Hello, I am building a template based on a auto-generated template coming out of our financial system. Right now the source data is July August September <tbody> Area Actual Budget Actual Budget Actual Budget Area1 10 15 12...
  2. N

    save as copy the active work book based on active sheet name add some other contains

    Hi am not able the add some contains if i save as the active workbook . I want to save as the excel file based on tab name with add additional contains in mid if my active tab name is ML51HJ0 MTD Aug(tab name not fixed it will change) my query is save as the file name ML51HJ0_AcntAnalysis...
  3. P

    Query error with aggregate and criteria

    I'm trying in a single query to exclude variances of $0 using data from 2 tables. I create a temp table from 2 queries and query that with aggregates and criteria. <code> SELECT x.Vendor, Sum(x.Budget) AS Budget, Sum(x.Actuals) AS Actuals, [Budget]-[Actuals] AS Variance FROM ( SELECT Vendor, 0...
  4. M

    Help Please - a simple question i believe!

    A bit of help for a 'novice' please - I am preparing a workbook that will track financials acrsoss 18 months for multiple workstreams. Currently only a couple of months have actuals the rest are still forecasts. Please see below... <colgroup><col><col><col span="6"></colgroup><tbody>...
  5. C

    Combining files from folder deletes column data of 2nd file

    I have never seen this before. I have 2 files in a network folder and they both show available fund remaining for every project that my company has. One is from February, and I formatted it about a month ago so that as new available fund reports come out I can just drop them in there, PQ would...
  6. S

    Forecast Trend formula needed

    I am building a forecasting model that will allow for multiple ways to trend actuals data forward and I am looking for a formula to help me do that automatically where I don't have to adjust the formula every month. Below is the example data. I will have 2 full years of actuals up to the...
  7. E

    Help with Quarter to date

    Hello Reader's, Our financial year runs from Jan-19 to Dec-19. Currently we are in May-19 period therefore we have finalized actual sales data for the period Jan-19 to Apr-19 period. I need help to construct a Quarter to date formula. For example in below data: I need a formula that will...
  8. S

    Need SUMIF/SUMPRODUCT formula with criteria in non-consecutive columns

    Excel masters, I need your help! I'm doing a monthly variance analysis and need a year-to-date formula that will calculate only columns that have monthly actuals populated in them. For example, I have 3 columns for each month (actuals/budget/variance) and a total year-to-date at the end...
  9. D

    A Newbie "How To" Question...

    Hi All, Brand new here and hoping you can help ;o) I have a simple weekly budgets spreadsheet that also tracks the actual sales values. What's the best way to recalculate the remaining budgets as the actuals come in? Basically, if the cummulative weekly actuals vs budgets are negative, take...
  10. S

    Compare tracker with actuals formula?

    Hi, I'm trying to see if there is a way a formula can tell me if the data I have in my tracker matches the data of another table of data (actuals) when I do a pull every month. I cant find a way to paste my example so I apologize for the example below but basically i would want the check column...
  11. J

    How to Change the Range of a Macro

    Good Afternoon All, I've got a set of resource usage graphs over time built in Excel. Every week, I go in and update actuals through the current period, and also update my forecast for all future periods. So for example: week 5 - weekly actuals are in columns A through E, and weekly forecast...
  12. J

    Index Lookup - Multiple Criteria

    Hi Experts, please assist: I need to populate a grid (yellow cells B2:C3) which picks up Grand Totals for Budget and Actuals by Month by finding the correct data from a PIVOT TABLE which can be seen here: Normally, there is a BUDGET column, and an ACTUAL column for each...
  13. D

    Data Series Not Displaying Correctly On Horizontal X Date Axis

    Have 3 data series: 10-Year Actuals; Trendline, and 5-Year Forecast Trendline and Actuals are displaying correctly. I've mapped the forecast range to begin on the last actual price and then an additional five rows of prices. The forecast should then begin in 2018 and go out five years...
  14. T

    Calculating a new column to bring in budget amounts accounting for three fields

    I previously posed here with similar question, but wanted to be able to give a more indepth understanding of what my goal was. I have two tables from my erp system that is connected to power bi. One is actuals and the other is the budget. What i have been trying to do is to create a side by...
  15. T

    Joining two tables off of three related columns

    I have two tables. One is actuals and one is the budget. I want to create a matrix that shows them side by side and then a variance. I am trying to joined them into one table. I have three coulms that it needs to match in both, location, account, and department. I was also thinking of using a...
  16. N

    Printing Macro with Array of Sheets

    :confused::confused::confused::confused: So the Macro I have done should work and I'm not sure why it doesn't. It keeps coming back with a Run Time Error 1004 Sub export_Data() ' Sheets(Array("Period Actuals vs Budget Graph", "Weekly Actuals vs Budget", _ "Yearly Actuals vs Budget"...
  17. R

    Model for New Product Tracker

    Hi everyone, I have a new job as a Financial Analyst and was given a new project and am not sure how to proceed. I need to come up with ideas on how to track the progress of new products that my company will be producing and need to set up a model. My company uses a process called Stage Gate...
  18. D

    Excel Chart Help: Actual to Forecast line graph

    Hi All, I am creating a line chart template in excel 2010 and need some help. I would like to visually merge the actual data (solid line) and the Forecasted data (dash line) so that it looks like one seamless line on the chart. The data set that I am pulling from is a set of formulas 5 plots of...
  19. G

    Bar chart help needed!

    I would like to create a chart that looks like this: How do I do it?

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