1. F

    Macro edit - tab character limit

    Good morning, I have a macro that organizes data and then splits that data into different tabs based on a name in column AC. The issue I just ran into was when the name was too long for a tab (character limit I believe is 30). Is there a way to update this macro to either read only to the 30th...
  2. J

    Populate List View With Coloumn Header From Spreadsheets

    I made this code below, and I am asking if anyone knows how to fix it, when I press on the command button an error shows up? I want to populate the list view with the table headers. Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() With ListView1Headers .View = lvwReport .CheckBoxes = True...
  3. Manuel Cavero

    How to calculate the Correlation of multiple Dictionaries?

    Hello everyone: I have some dictionaries with values, and I need to calculate the correlation between the values of dictionaries. Let's see the code: Sub Test() Dim Dic1 as New Scripting.Dictionary Dim Dic2 as New Scripting.Dictionary Dim Dic3 as New Scripting.Dictionary Dim Dictionaries as...
  4. A

    Looking for Feedback or Previous Experience on My Article on Scripting.Dictionary

    A Lookup Function Across Spreadsheets How did this function come to be and what does it do? I was working on a project comparing the statistics of states in pivot tables. Most of the information I found used state names, but for pivot tables I wanted to use their abbreviations. I got tired...
  5. A

    How to measure or manage .add lines in Scripting.dictionary?

    Is there a way to determine how many .add lines can be active? Is there a way to increase the number of .add lines? Function BackandForth(ByVal str As String) As String With CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary") .Add "Alaska", "AK" .Add “AK”,”Alaska” If .exists(str) Then BackandForth =...

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