add a record macro

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    Excel VBA: Update rec if it exists, add record if it doesn't

    I have 2 wkshts (diff wkbk's), "CurrentTracking" and "MasterTracking". "MasterTracking" is a wksht that will continually be updated and added to for the duration of a project (months); updates and new records to come from "CurrentTracking". "CurrentTracking" is a download from a freight...
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    Simple Macro help for adding a record in a form

    I tried to create a simple macro to assign to a button that would pop up an entry form to add a record and I get an error message. Here are the steps I used to record the macro: 1) Go to a cell in the table 2) Select "Data", from the menu bar 3) Select "Form" 4) Click on "New" in the data form...

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