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    I want my macro to add SUM formula in the blank cell below last row

    I pull this pending revenue report everyday and the column L contains the amount due for each customer. I want my macro to add the total of those amounts in the next blank cell below after the column ends. Suppose the data ranges from L2:L13 then L14 should have the formula =SUM(L2:L13), if...
  2. D

    Adding from different worksheets

    My first worksheet is labeled Spirs 1 and the folowing sheets are labeled A CO, B CO, C CO, D CO, and HHC, all in the same workbook. I want to add the data from B2 on the worksheets and display the results in Spirs 1, B2. I have done all I know and every time I think I have it right it opens up...
  3. M

    How can I use "SumIF" to ignore error cells, but add up non-continuous cells?

    Hello! I'm a very frustrated beginning excel user and could use your help! I've read the posts regarding using SumIF to ignore error cells when adding a group of cells, but when I try to use the formula I get an error. I think it's because I'm trying to add cells that are not continuous...
  4. G

    Sum cell values in a column

    The idea is the following: Dim VariableRow As String ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=SUM(RC[-2]:R[VariableRow]C[-2])" I have values in column A but in column B i have nother value that it is going to tell the number of rows the sum is going to cover in column A Can this be done in VBA or just...

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