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    Add column using VBA & references in formula shift - simple solution?

    Hello! Once a month I receive a report that is not in the correct format. This report is the source data for another sheet I use to check the information the report contains against data from a few other sources. My aim was to save the new report in the same location each time, then use a...
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    Insert columns into worksheet (VBA?)

    I have a workbook that I am creating that does an analysis. The analysis can be done for 1 or 2 companies. Rather than making changes manually (like adding columns to a worksheet), I would like to be able to type "1" or "2" in to a cell and have a code linked to that cell that will do the...
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    How do I add a column of numbers up to a blank row

    I have to add data to a spreadsheet every day, and I leave a blank row between each day. I would to be able to add that column of numbers without changing the range manually. See example: <tbody> 1 2 3 6 4 5 6 </tbody> 15
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    to copy data from sales receipt worksheet onto next column of sales summary worksheet

    :( Hello. I am trying to copy data from a 'sales receipt' worksheet onto the next available column of my 'sales summary' worksheet, then close both while saving the 'sales receipt' worksheet changes into a specified folder ("C:\My Documents\Sales Receipts") as a new file named by the value in I6...
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    add fields on queried output

    Hi, I an running a query on an external DB and showing required fields from Main DB. Is there a way, I can add few fields which don't exist in main-db in the query. The additional fields would be calculated (Field Called % Share * Total Profit)? any ideas please. Kind Regards,
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    Multiselect listboxes

    Hello - I would greatly appreciate some help with a problem I have come across. I have a form that has two listboxes and listbox1 is populated with the column headers in my worksheet. I want to be able to have the user select columns on the left and "add" them to listbox2. Here is the code...
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    How do I total multiple columns in one cell?

    I get #VALUE trying: =SUM(C2:C100)+(D2:D100)+(E2:E100) and =SUM(C2:C100+D2:D100+E2:E100) Can someone give me the correct syntax? It would also be cool to not have to give it an ending cell in the range from row 2 because it could be 80, 100, 150, 200 and the like. Thanks very much for your...

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