add ins

  1. V

    Free Excel Addins

    Hi, I am currently running the 64 bit version of excel 2013. Are you aware of any add in like ASAP utilities that will work with this version? I am looking for the date fixing feature in particular. For instance, 12-03-2014 would show u in my data as 12/03/14 or 12.3.2014 ASAP utilities fixes...
  2. K

    Add-in macro to run when certain workbooks are opened

    I have a set of workbooks that are very similair in function but for different groups so they must be kept separate. I have written a few macros to streamline a few tasks when working with this set of workbooks. Origninally I had the macros in each workbook individually, but this became...
  3. T

    Help with creating Excel Add-Ins

    I have created an excel workbook with many defined functions. These functions are calculated by looping through an array (that is populated from an excel sheet in the same file) and where user defined parameters are entered. For example MachineAOutput(Year,Month,ProductType). Everything works in...
  4. C

    I created an add-in but am having difficulties accessing the macro after install

    Windows XP, Excel 2007. I am creating some macros that need to be used across many workbooks. Over time, there may need to be changes so I wanted to put them in an add-in so they could be updated once rather than having to remove and copy back in the updated modules. The add-in is created and...
  5. L

    Add In needs to get information from a Workbook

    using excel 2010 I am attempting to create an addin that will allow a user to input information into a userform and then search a Source Workbook for a matching entry and copy it into the current Workbook. I can get it to work by opening the Source Workbook and copying the sheets and entries...
  6. A

    Add-ins load in VBA module instead of as icons on Add-ins tab

    Hi all, Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. When I save a .xlam file to My Documents and then browse to that location from the Add-in interface in Excel, even if I check the box to select the add-in, I don't see it appear in the Menu Commands widget in the Add-Ins tab. When I...
  7. A

    Problem using AddIns.Installed

    Hi I am in the process of developing a custom tab for the Excel ribbon (2007 and 2010) as an add-in (using Custom UI Editor). However, as I am sure most of you are aware, debugging an Excel add-in can be a real pain because of the process you must go to to remove the add-in and then re-add the...
  8. B

    Mac Excel 2011 Add Ins?

    Hello, I'm looking for any recommendations on add ins for Mac Excel 2011 in the vein of PUP or ASAP Utilities. I used to have a couple for Mac Excel 2004, but can't track them down in all my Google searches. Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks, Jim
  9. C

    Referencing a Range from within an Excel Add-in with a UDF

    I have created an excel add-in that contains a series of User Defined functions. The add-in consists of several worksheets that contain tables and single values, each of these has been referenced by a unique name i.e. "Table1-2" or "Value1-4". My UDF perform lookup's on these tables. All...
  10. H

    Opening excel sheets automatically disables addins. Is there a fix for this?

    Hi, I use the following code to open a number of specific workbooks in excel automatically on booting a computer. However, the add-ins in these workbooks are disabled when they open. I have code to auto install the necessary add-ins, which works fine normally, but doesn't work on the sheets...
  11. paipimenta

    Global variable for add-in?

    I'm working on an add-in that will have a user-form to make changes to a complex workbook. The add-in changes workbook "Audit Form.xls". How can I set this file name as a global constant in my add-in, so that I can just change this file name once in the add-in? I'm looking for something like...
  12. L

    Custom Toolbars and Add-Ins WITHOUT VBA or XML in 2007

    I have only very VERY basic knowledge of VBA, and none of XML. I had a custom toolbar in Excel 2003, with button images I'd created myself, linked to macros I'd created. I'm trying to achieve this in 2007. I've successfully got my macros into my 2007 "PERSONAL.XLSB" workbook (by simply copying...
  13. D

    Paste Valuing Add-In Formulas

    Hi Guys, We use Cognos Controller as a reporting tool, and retrieve into Excel for analysis work and Management Reporting. The Cognos Controller is an "Add In" within excel, and all formulas start with =cc.f. I am trying to create a macro, which enables us to paste value the Cognos Controller...

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