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    VBA to Add Connection to Separate Workbook

    I have 2 workbooks (Workbook A and Workbook B). Workbook A contains data and Workbook B has a series of pivot tables and pivot charts that are linked to that data. I'm trying to use vba to create the connection to Workbook A, refresh the data, then delete the connection. I'm running into trouble...
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    Adding another VBProject as Reference

    Hello! I have 2 files. File A will open FIle B at some point through code. I need file B to open and add the VBProject in file A as a reference. At the same time I need File B to remove that reference on the BeforeClose event. Both files are .xlsm and have their own VBproject I tried...
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    Coding for diff versions of "Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects" Library

    I'm still having issues with an Excel spreadsheet with macro's... to make it multi-compatible for Office & Windows versions. In particular for ADODB in 'Microsoft Active X Data Object #.# Library' (C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\ado\msado*.dll) & mscomct2.ocx. I developed it in 2010 & am...

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