adding data

  1. S

    timestamp sorting

    hi, I am new to this group. I need to sort out my timestamp which is in human-readable format. The issue which needs to be sorted is following 1. firstly, I need to make this time format in DD:MM:YYYY hh:mm:ss you can see it has similar timestamp few of them, based on the total number of...
  2. 9

    Adding with Autofilters for YTD numbers from different worksheet

    I have two worksheets. One called Job Log with all the data and the summary report called YTD Summary. The Job Lob sheet has the following columns that need to be auto filtered: Business Division (column 2), Job Status (column 3), Units (column 9), Canada/US (column 17), Dollars (column 18)...
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    Adding comments/ filtering

    Hello, I have a very annoying issue that I am sure has an easy fix. I have a file in which I must maintain records provided from another individual. Every day I receive updates and I copy and paste the columns of the file so that the rest of my file is updated as well; however, I also add...
  4. B

    VBA Newbie - Copying and pasting from one worksheet to another based on column header

    Hi All, I know there are hundreds of posts asking the same question but none of them seem to help me with my problem. I am a VBA newbie and I am trying to transfer data from one worksheet (ws1) to another (ws2)based on column headers. The headers are not in the same order in ws2 and there is...
  5. B

    Trying to add values, when the date above is before specified date

    I work in construction and I am trying to set up a table that will add the amount of work finished for each task, each week. When I put in a "quantities to date" cell, I only want the quantities with a date that occurs before that date, to be added. I will have to attach my excel file in a...
  6. P

    Adding info from a Userform into Excel spreadsheet

    Disclaimer: I am not new to Excel but very new to VBA. I just read the "VBA for Dummies" book on Monday, and I am referencing another advanced VBA book so if my questions seem a bit basic, I hope you will be patient with me. Question: In Excel 2010, how do I get checkbox information in a...
  7. S

    Sum a certain amount of cells based on criteria

    <o:p>Hey everyone! So I am having some issues creating a formula that will add (sum) the first 30 cells, if they meet the criteria, and then stop after 30 cells, that have meet the criteria, have been added (summed). This is what I am trying to do; I am currently working on a daily production...
  8. R

    Adding data to chart

    Hi there, I was trying to add data to a chart with vba, but I can not make it work. This is my problem: In sheet1 I have a table with a dynamic number of rows and columns. In sheet2 I have a chart (2d line) and a comboBox. The input for the combobox are the columns headers in sheet1 (column1...
  9. V

    Writing data to an Array - Array Help

    Hi all, I'm still getting used to working with arrays and could use a bit of guidance. --- I want to store up to 16 values in a 1 dimension array. These will be column names: "A", "Z", "CC" et cetera. --- I'm defining the array as: Dim ArrCol(1 To 16) As String The column names are...
  10. K

    adding daily data to a report

    I found this article her on mrexcel: This is the code from the article. Sub Auto_Open() ' This macro will put today's date as the default new tab name Sheets("Menu").Select Range("D5").Select Selection.Formula =...
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