1. S

    Conditionally AddItem to ComboBox

    Hello, I have a combobox that I'd like to populate with various people's names based on if they pass certain qualifications. So for example: <tbody> Names Run Pass Catch Bob Y N N Jill N Y Y Tony Y Y Y Mary N N Y </tbody> If I would like to populate that combobox with people who can...
  2. F

    Difference between AddItem and RowSource

    Hi everyone! Could someone explain the difference between AddItem and RowSource methods on ComboBox and ListBox form items? Which one it's better to use? Thanks in advance!
  3. M

    ListBox values not changing to specified range

    Hi all, I have a worksheet ("Team1") that lists 19 football players in cells C2:20, each with a command button next to it. I then have a list of formations that the team can play in, in cells DL2:DL34 (this is in a table). Columns DM:EE in this table show the 19 positions that make up the...
  4. A

    Help troubleshooting ListBox additem

    Hi, I've only been working with VBA for three hours so be a little patient. I have a listbox on my worksheet "Main", and I want the options on this to update from a variable list (N3 - N*). This is what I have right now for the code: Private Sub ListBox10_Change() Dim SeamRa As Object Set...
  5. T

    Move item between listboxes

    I am having a very difficult time getting these items to be removed from the original listbox once i transfer them to another. I've tried different things but this is the closest I can get without an error. It involves no removing. Private Sub BTN_NotInGAIT_Click() Dim i...
  6. G

    Not add duplicates in a range to userform combobox.

    After some conditions are true the remaining values in a range get added to a combobox on a userform. It is possible though, that duplicate values get added whenever they both have the same true conditions. How can I make my VBA code ignore the duplicates? this is the code that adds the values...
  7. D

    Can't Get Drop Down List To Populate In User Form

    UserForm Name: "Ncb" Objective: Make use of a drop down list within an an Excel 2007 User Form by populating with the specified item (eg Actual charages, B1, and B2). Private Sub NoPass_Initialize() With Ncb .AddItem "Actual Charges" .AddItem "B1" .AddItem "B2" End With...
  8. MarkCBB

    Add PivotItems into Values box as Averages based on criteria

    Hi there Pivot Table VBA Pros, Looks like my questions are becoming more challenging (I hope) I would like to add Pivot Fields to the value box of a pivot table based on the criteria on the Item on another database. My Master based base has Product infomation (The headings on the database are...
  9. V

    ComboBox AddItem Issue

    Hi, I am creating a dynamic UserForm in which i am creating a ComboBox. I want to populate the ComboBox dropdown with names of the sheets present in the workbook. UserForm is created successfully but ComboBox dropdown is always blank. Here is the code: Set NewComboBox =...
  10. T

    Combobox Question

    Hi all, I have a combobox (active x) on a sheet in excel 2007. What I want it to do is fill it with the Months (Auto, January to December) and also have it run (fill) when the workbook opens. The Auto in the combobox is used to run the reports at the current month and then you can select a month...
  11. D

    UserForm.ListBox Empty Header

    Hi, I have this simple code: With Sheets("Sheet1") For Each Rw In .Range("A2:A" & .Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row) If ComboBox1.Text = Rw.Value Then ListBox1.AddItem ListBox1.List(i, 0) = Rw.Offset(0, 1).Value...

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