addition in excel

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    Troubles with addition using macros

    Hello. I'm currently working on a file as a way to learn excel and brush up on some skills. However I have gotten to a point where I need help. I have two sheets I am working with. Sheet1 has two buttons. One is "Win" and the other is "Loss". When selecting the "Win" button, I am wanting to...
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    Formula for increasing dates by a value requied

    I need help with a formula that will take a date in a cell and add for example 3 days to the date and display the answer in date format. For example: Cell B1 has a date of (01/05/11) In Cell A2 have 3. I want to display in cell B2 the date (04/05/11) sum of B1 plus 3 days hence. If...
  3. A

    Adding row updates linked sheets

    I have a workbook with different spreadsheets. The Base Sheet has all the information and other spreadsheets within the workbook are linked to the Base Sheet. I need to have a VBA code that allows me to add a new row by running a macro. And also when I add data to the newly added row, it...
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    Add in excel

    Hi all, i think it would be stupid to ask this question here but i am really not able to get this simple formula lets a1,a2,a3,a4,a5,a6 and a7 cells have value 10,12,14,16,18,20,22 and b1,c1,d1,e1,f1,g1, and hi cells have value 2,4,6,8,10,12,14 respectivley i want to add a1 and b1,a2...

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