1. E

    Adjusting a Formula

    Hi, The below formula is suppose to check column A for vaues below 1000 and B for values below 500 an if true want "Yes" retunred otherwise ant "No" returned. I want to adust the formula so that B2 only returns values over 1 as well as those under 500, how can this be done...
  2. J

    Adjusting table range modifies ROWS formula

    Hello, I'm using a ROWS function to list the rows of a table with integers 1 through the rest of the table (Using the method for the "Helper 1" column found at this link: It generally works fine, but the problem arises when I try adjusting...
  3. J

    Split Screen different tabs

    I have an Excel workbook with one WorkSheet with room numbers and names, then inventory worksheets of computer, printers, projectors...Column A is room number, I have a split screen where column A and title row 1 are split off. If I want to jump from computer inventory to the printer I have to...
  4. M

    How to adjust date/time for calculation

    Hi everbody, This is a tricky one. I want to calculate the duration of a given process. I have the date/time it starts and ends. I achieve this by subtracting one with the other. In the example below, the results are (measured in days): 0,805/0,169/7,056. My problem is that in order to show...
  5. I

    Asjust price automatically until IRR is hit

    Hello, I am building a discounted cash flow model, which calculates my IRR at on a yearly stream of flows. I need a 25% IRR, so I have to manually change the purchase price until it hits. (Goal seek will not work on this model). Is it possible to create a circular reference so the purchase...
  6. A

    adjusteing numbers in a column

    i want a formula or a macro that adjust n and m (m=n-1) digit numbers in a column with adding a zero (0) before m digit numbers. fore example make column2 from column1 in table1. i want this formula or macro do it without selecting cells because i have 250 worksheets and can not do it...

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