1. S

    Analysis? Which of 7 factors affect revenue? HOW

    Hi. Urgent as need to hand in tomorrow. Completely lost. I have revenue each day; there's multiple factors; TV ads, radio ads, Facebook likes, Google ads, temperature and precipitation for each day too... In excel- what do I use? What stats to do a quick job on what factors affect revenue...
  2. I

    experts dealing with huge data needed please

    Hi all, i have 1 year sales data which exceeds 5 million rows, my issues are as follows - each row is in a different currency which i need to convert them all based on monthly rate (i have a monthly rate sheet) - i need to combine them all and use 1 pivot table - the data is heavy please help...
  3. Jaafar Tribak

    Embeeding large files into your workbook without increasing the size of the workbook !

    Doing some research on how to have files completly invisible , i came accross the topic of Alternate Data Streams (ADS) files. After some testing, I discovered an interesting thing about these ADS files (apart from being truly hidden) and that is they can be easily attached to standard files ...

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