1. S

    Help with VBA AdvancedFilter

    There's a code I found online that does almost exactly what I was hoping for, that is, automatically filter an entire row when a cell (E7 in my example) value changes. The problem I'm having is whenever something changes in the worksheet, it triggers the macro. Is there any way to limit the...
  2. J

    Copying unique range pastes column 7 twice

    I have a code to copy columns A:L. Paste the unique rows to columns O:Z. Somehow, the code is overwriting column W with values from column G. Here is the code: Sub oneUserPerRow() Dim lastCol As Long, lastRow As Long, r As Long, i As Long Dim Rng As Range, Rng1 As Range, Rng2 As Range, Rng3 As...
  3. Z

    Using AdvancedFilter for Dates

    I have a timesheet with dates in column A, starting in A7, with a header, "Date", in A6. In A4 I have a dropdown menu with the dates that are being used in my Date column (there is a header in A3, "Date") and if I select one of the dates from the dropdown menu, everything filters just fine...
  4. A

    VBA / AdvancedFilter exact result

    Hi, I put a filter with AdvancedFilter. For some search strings I get to manz results. So f.e. for "John" I get also"Johnsson", "Johnson" etc., everzthing that fits to John*. I know already by using the string ="=John" that I would get ONLY "John" like I want. But my Subroutine has not a...
  5. J

    How to determine filters when FilterMode, not AutoFilterMode, is true

    I'm trying to write code to get filtering information for a worksheet. There are, of course, two possibilities: After auto-filtering with the drop-down arrows, WS.AutoFilterMode is True, and I can enumerate the AutoFilter.Filters collection. After an Advanced-Filter operation, WS.FilterMode is...
  6. S

    AdvancedFilter Macro

    Hi All, I have a macro which makes AdvancedFilter in meals database. It makes filtering for all meals perfectly except, if CriteriaRange includes “SALAD”, with "SALAD" it filters "SALAD BAR" too. I need exact match, in this case "SALAD" only. Thank you in advance
  7. J

    Advanced Filter CriteriaRange

    Hello, I have the code below that does work except for one variable (crit) I have changed. With Data Set crit = .Resize(2, 1).Offset(, lc.Column + 1) crit = [{"Season";"<>"}] & Me.cbo_Season.Value Set ws = Sheets.Add .AdvancedFilter Action:=xlFilterCopy...
  8. R

    Advanced Filter with OR and Multiple Criteria per Column & Combo Box

    Hi guys, I have been using this forum for quite a long time as a 'spectator'. This is my first post. I have an advanced filter macro in place for my company. It allows us to match our prospective buyers to our signed content sellers by matching their produced content with the...
  9. J

    Advanced Filter and VBA

    I'm stumped on how to create a dynamic range using advanced filter and VBA. This static code works: Sheets("CMBS Inventory").Range("A2:AD680").AdvancedFilter Action:= _ xlFilterCopy, CriteriaRange:=Sheets("Filters").Range("A1:C3"), CopyToRange:=Range("A1"), Unique:=False...
  10. N

    Altering AdvancedFilter to recognize range inputs and multiple values.

    Hey guys, I've been googling for several weeks, and haven't been able to find a solution I created this account. I've created a "Filter" sheet that contains various drop down lists with different quantities. Once I select my desired drop-down list values, I'll click the macro...
  11. S

    Macor Error 'AdvancedFilter method of range class failed'

    Macro Error 'AdvancedFilter method of range class failed' I am using the below code to copy the unique column values from column A to column H in Pivot_Y(Pivot Table) by using UniqueList macro.This UniqueList calling from Worksheet_PivotTableUpdate in Pivot_Y. Later I am moving these unique...
  12. Y

    Filtering Out entire row if all columns of values have all zeros

    I have searched the many threads of this forum that have similar questions, but I have not found what I really need. I have a sheet that pulls values from another sheet based on user selections. For the years selected, say 2014 to 2050 (37 columns), if all of the columns for that entry (Product...
  13. B

    VBA AdvancedFilter CopyToRange Missing Formats

    Hello All, I have successfully copied filtered data from one table to another with the code below. What is missing is the formatting from the source table "Data". The VBA code will only copy and paste the values. I want both data and formatting. How do I retain the formatting from the...
  14. L

    Using CriteriaRange to exclude blank cells in a Range with AdvancedFilter XLS2003

    OK guys, I am having trouble with the following... In column A I have several cells containing data, which may have multiple entries of the same data. Along with this there are potentially blank cells. I want to perform an AdvancedFilter on this column to take only the cells which have data...
  15. Default300

    Dynamic Named Range with Zero (0) Rows Triggers Error [1004 (Method 'Range' of object '_Global' failed)]

    Hi. I'd love some assistance with this problem I'm having. Thanks to those who've helped in the past. (And if you're interested, yes it is the same project!) For the short version of this post, skip to "PROBLEM"! I'm assigning a Named Range to be the RowSource of a ComboBox Control on a...
  16. J

    Sorting in Advcanced Filter ?

    Hi All, I use my excel as a mini database w more than 20,000 rows of data. One ne to navigate for me is to use Advanced Filter feature, that helps me to filter quite a fair bit of details. Often, in order to pull out information for specific records, I use a field which is a unique identifier...
  17. J

    AdvancedFilter Unique=True

    I'm having a problem with a very good macro in the VBA and Macros Excel 2007 book. For the macro on pages 272 and 273 I'm using the advanced filter. It is supposed to be filtering for unique names in a range. However, with certain names the reports that are generated are getting lumped together...
  18. N

    Advanced filter trouble

    Hi all, my VBA skills are not very strong, but I have been dabbling lately to try to improve my spreadsheets. I have run into an issue while attempting to do an advanced filter - filter copy, What I want to do, is specify a date range (and other parameters) and have excel return the relevant...

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