1. nikio8

    pq, Group by all columns

    Hi all, thanks for your help in advance Essentially i have a spreadsheet I would like to minimise rows imported from the server, using group by. Group by date could compress data down to 5%. However I have around 30 columns and in one file more than 60. It is a bit tedious and error prone if...
  2. kpasa

    Preferred Method to aggregate daily data

    Hello Community! I'd like to get your thoughts on how I should approach a new project. We get a daily report from one of our partners with subscriber usage stats. It comes in the form of a CSV and is only 1 day's worth of data. Our goal is to aggregate the data in order to do calculations on...
  3. P

    Bypass ‘multiple row context’ in DAX computation for Excel Pivot Table

    <style type="text/css">p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'American Typewriter'}p.p2 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'American Typewriter'; min-height: 14.0px}span.s1 {text-decoration: underline}span.Apple-tab-span {white-space:pre}</style>My original relational...
  4. A

    HLOOKUP: List Aggregation

    Hi, I could probably solve this in VBA, but there's got to be a better way to do this in Excel. I'd like collect every instance of an entry in list A, that appears in list B (with its search criteria), and put it in a results table, as shown below. For example:
  5. F

    Dynamically building Pivot Table with VBA

    Hi I am currently building an Excel VBA reporting project . One requirement is for there to be a Pivot Table, which can be built dynamically/change it's fields depending on the source data. It's all going well so far, but I have a problem as follows: My Pivot table variables are as follows...
  6. S

    One To Many Relationship

    I am looking for a single formula that will aggregate data for a parent group with a one to many relationship. Imagine I have sales by employee and I have an employee to group mapping table. My goal is to create a table with sales by group without mapping the group to the sales by employee...
  7. S

    Creating Histogram from Column of Date/Times

    Hello all! I hope this isn't one of those forever re-posted questions, but I have spent a couple of days looking over the archives on this site, as well as experimenting with Excel 2007, and am coming up a bit short. Simply put, I would like to take a column of date/time strings, for example...
  8. K

    Chart data aggregation & date/time formats

    I'm trying to plot a dataset of frequency of events (=frequency(values,bins)) with timestamps in a chart, and getting some odd behavior. Firstly, my dates are in the format ( hh:mm:ss.000) and are recognized as dates in the worksheet. But, as these dates contain both date and time...

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