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    save files in csv and then open them from location where files were saved to align data

    I'm trying to save first column of the each sheet as a separate csv file who's name depends on name of each sheet in work book. Once i'm done saving those sheets i want to open those files one by one to align the data in them. below is my code can you please assist how can i open files from same...
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    A trivial macro that recursively moves cells in a row.

    It is a trivial problem but I am so newie, sorry.. The Idea is that recursively with a for check the value of a columm if the value is "I" then I should cut some consecutive cells from that row and paste them in the same row but with some cells displacement... it is pretty much a selective copy...
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    Save a file as .txt & keep spacing

    I thought this would be easy. I can't figure out how to paste a portion of a worksheet so, here's what I have: A B C D E F 1 123 ABC 1 123 Joe Smith 1234 N. Elm 2 123 ABC Tommy Jones 59th Street When I save it as a .txt...

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