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    Possible to filter only ALL CAPS values from a column using vba?

    I have recently created a macro to pull specific information from a very large spreadsheet to a new page. Column A is all category codes, Column B is all Category Titles and column C is Dollar Amounts. In column B, I have Category Titles in all caps and Subcategory Titles starting with a capital...
  2. L

    Single Sheet UCase

    Any ideas on how I can force a single sheet to convert to all caps upon opening & closing a workbook? I'm currently using: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)Target = UCase(Target) End Sub In the active sheet but it is somewhat "laggy".
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    Need to trim various prefixed that are in ALL CAPS off of text in a column

    We have song titles in a column that have ALL CAPS prefixes that we use internally to identify the writer/origin of the song. For example: RSCAT TR Let The Sun Shine In RSC GHT Night Runner RD FGH Midnight Mountain I need to trim the ALL CAPS gibberish off of the front of the titles ...
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    ALL CAPS code help

    Hi guys. I am looking to convert all the text/characters in an excel workbook into all CAPS. The workbook has several worksheets with data in them already. I found this code below from a previous post on this board and tried to use it in the workbook module but nothing seemed to happen...
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    all caps

    In word I know how to change selected text to ALL CAPS How can I do this in Excel?
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    All CAPS Problem

    All CAPS Problem w/ Undo I searched the forum diligently and found this code (Thanks onlyadrafter and al b cnu) for making all the cells in a sheet ALL CAPS: <link rel="File-List" href="file:///C:%5CUsers%5CSam%5CAppData%5CLocal%5CTemp%5Cmsohtmlclip1%5C01%5Cclip_filelist.xml"><link...

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