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  1. B

    UsedRange in all worksheets Wb1 to find matching value in Wb2.

    I'm trying to get workbook 1, all sheets used range, if cell value = a cell value in column a of sheets"Final" in Wb2. if so color cell indexcolor 6. the following cod runs but no color change. Sub color_matching_between_workbooks() Dim sh As Worksheet 'Dim wb1 As Workbook Dim wb2...
  2. Small Paul

    VBA to Insert Table on Every Worksheet

    Hi I have a table of data (variable number of rows, columns A-R) with an identifier in column K (again, variable row count e.g. A, B, C, C, C, D, D, E etc.). The table is then split into new worksheets with each worksheet named according to data in column K. So far so good! I now need to add...
  3. R

    Macro Not Looping Through All Worksheets

    Hello everyone, I try and not ask too many questions here because I can usually find answers specifically for or close enough to modify for my needs. However, I am stumped on this one. I have a workbook that I work off of weekly. I have a Main Page and then tabs for each state. Around 30 tabs...
  4. D

    Need VBA macro code to apply to all or select Worksheets at once

    Hi Everybody, Its killing me that I cannot find on the internet how to make a simple VBA coded macro apply to all or select sheets in a workbook. The following code works and I just want to be able to apply it to all or select worksheets: Sub Add_IFERROR_Activesheet() Dim myCell As Range...
  5. PritishS

    Search duplicate rows based on 3 columns in all worksheets and update

    Dear Sir/Madam, Hope you are doing well! I'm stuck with a new kind a problem. Details: I have a worksheet name 'MAT', which is basically a bill of material having columns 'Description', 'Make', 'CatNo' and 'Price'. Description make CatNo Price Pencil1 ABC PEN1 100 Pencil2...
  6. N

    VBA copy and paste from one workbook into all Workbooks + printing

    Earlier today I was able to get some help in editing my code for repeating formatting in all workbooks except the first two. I have two additional asks/needs: 1) I want to copy a range (F6:L11) from the first worksheet into all the following worksheets in cell C18. 2) I want the macro to...
  7. N

    Format All Worksheets but formatting the same worksheet

    Good morning, I am a complete newbie to Excel VBA but have been watching YouTube Videos and reading these forums to figure things out but I need your help as I am stuck... I created the following macro and would like it to format all the worksheets in my spreadsheet (about 40 of them)...
  8. G

    Run macro through all worksheets

    Hello, as the title states I want to run a macro through all worksheets in a workbook. Here is my code: Sub test1() Dim ws As Worksheet For Each ws In ThisWorkbook.Worksheets Columns("M:M").ColumnWidth = 11.5 Next ws End Sub But it does only apply to the active worksheet. Can anyone see...
  9. C

    Help: Pulling data from all worksheets

    Hey all, Hopefully this is an easy fix. I'm trying to pull a contact from every worksheet in a workbook. All the worksheets are formatted the same way. The only snag I'm running into is getting the macro to select from the correct worksheet specifically the following line...
  10. B

    Named range over multiple worksheets?

    Hi folks, I'm trying to check for duplicate entries within a workbook. It's over multiple worksheets as the end-user wants to create a new worksheet for each month. The range I want to check is C2:C500 on all worksheets. I figured the easiest way to do this would be to set up a named range to...
  11. B

    Apply Print Properties to all Worksheets in a Workbook

    Question: Is there a way to apply print specifications (ie. portrait, 70% size) to all worksheets in a workbook 1 time as opposed to doing it for each individual worksheet? thanks! Blue Rhinos

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