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    Lock Cell range(Defined Names) but allow editing of cell content?

    Hey gang, I have developed an excel template that my company can use to calculate and format their KPI stats. My company desired that the presentation include a header and footer that were Word specific and outputting to PDF. So originally this process involved copying the cells from the Excel...
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    Open new doc, collect data and save as separate file while remaining linked to original

    Hoping someone can advise me. Firstly for some advice. Can I do this in excel. Secondly: how do I go about it. This is for collecting data for a non-profit org. I have a "Client Analysis" spreadsheet that collects data. 1. I would like the Carers to be able to click on a client name, this...
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    VBA to Protect ALL sheets with given name but allow editing of unlocked cells.

    Hi Im new to this forum so hope this is the type of question. I have monthly workbooks which i use to verify data from a number of sources, most i have macros to import from supplier spreadsheets. My problem is one field has to be manually added by someone in another department. They need to...
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    Allow entry only once

    Hello all, I have requirement wherein each cell should be allowed to edit only once. This has to be done for a range of cells. For eg. A1:A10, C1:C10. I have found the below code but it is not working as desired. The second time when you enter in the same column (any other cell) it doesnt...
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    Locking formulas while allowing data editing

    Hi, I am new to Excel and finding the other answers unclear as to this distinction. This is URGENT as our accounts info is overdue to our tax agent & I still have to enter it all. I have created an income property accounts workbook with 12 worksheets, one for each month of the year. I have...

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