and or

  1. M

    Forecasting in Excel (IF/Dates/And/OR???)

    Hi All, Little stuck with this and can't figure out how to get it to work - any help/advice will be greatly appreciated: I have a worksheet with a list of suppliers, the frequency I pay them, payment value (amount) and date last paid. And then the start and end date of every week in the year...
  2. S

    How do I use VLookup with an OR/AND statement or Nested IFs

    Hello, I have an issue I can't seem to figure out Question: How do I combine multiple VLookups in 3 datasets into into one formula. I will like to be able to select an option in a given drop down list, it will compare different worksheets and populate data relevant to what has been selected...
  3. N

    And/Or operators in If-Then-ElseIf Statements Causing Mismatched Results

    Hello, It's been an arduous journey getting to where I am so far with my VBA code of cascading list boxes. I have two modules in my workbook: one for the cascading list boxes and one for outputting specific instructions based on what the user selects from the list boxes. The list boxes are...
  4. M

    Cashflow forcast help (IF, Date Range Formula??)

    Hi Guys - Hoping someone can help. I'm trying to forecast my payments for the next year dependent on the frequency (Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly) and based on the last payment date. (there is a lot data to do this manually) I have column headings which are the week ending dates...
  5. T

    =sumproduct array with "and" or "or"

    Currently I have a log that I am tracking metrics that I want to auto calculate in table format. (Not using a pivot table) I am using this =SUMPRODUCT(--(RFSLog!$D$6:$D$1004="divi1"), --(RFSLog!$J$6:$J$1004>="01/01/2014"+0),--(RFSLog!$J$6:$J$1004<="01/31/2014"+0)) I am trying to get a total by...
  6. C

    Advanced pasting - IF condition is met

    Hi, I have a long sequence of numbers running horizontally on one tab of a worksheet. I want to paste this set of numbers into a grid on a separate tab, if the column ref = the row ref ONLY IF the value in column C > 0. It should look like the below, so as you can see if column C (to the...
  7. C

    Algorithmic formula help - works horizontally not vertically

    How can I write a formula to display data as per the below? The 239.555 is cell C2. The months going horizontally start from E3, going vertically they start from B5. In E5 I am up to here with the formula (needs to be dragged across and down) so as to apply the pattern below to each row...
  8. C

    Converting algorithm to formula ( embedded IF AND )

    Morning, I have the following algorithm: <TBODY> N</SPAN> Y</SPAN> Y</SPAN> N</SPAN> Y</SPAN> Y</SPAN> Y</SPAN> </TBODY><COLGROUP><COL><COL><COL><COL><COL><COL><COL></COLGROUP> The part I have bolded repeats infinitely afterwards. I need to convert this into an excel formula. Where a 'Y'...
  9. C

    IF OR functions, unless a certain condition is met

    Hi all, What I want to achieve is this: Display me a set value e.g. 10, every time that EITHER condition A or condition B are met, UNLESS a given cell = 0. To give some context, this is relating to deliveries of a product. I am forecasting the costs incurred over a period of years where...
  10. The_Rock

    Formula Trouble

    Hi, the following formula is throwing a 'FALSE' message back: =IF(BD5="Rejected",IF(OR(AR5="Disengaged 0 PCT",AR5="Loss 0 PCT"),"No"),IF(AS5>BF5,"Yes","No")) I thought the last if statement would cover the scenario where the result = Rejected and is not flagged as Disengaged or Loss I've...
  11. S

    Advance Filter - Formula Alternative

    Hi, I am using a table below that contains a large amount of data; approx. 1800 unique rows, that will grow to 3500 potentially. I have various "Groups" within the data and want to create a separate workbook containing just 1 of the data groups. I have tried advance filters and IF calculations...
  12. O

    Help using AND OR in IIF statement

    Hi Guys, I want to do this: iif([POP] = 1 OR 2 OR 3,[POP]+1,[POP]) When I wrote it like that, it just added 1 to everything - even if the POP wasn't 1,2,or 3. What am I doing wrong? :(
  13. R

    Help with a complex If / Or / And formula

    I have asked colleagues, on several Excel Forums for help, but I can't get this formula to work correctly. The Formula I have now is; =OR(ISBLANK(G2),AND(NETWORKDAYS(G2,TODAY())>7,ISBLANK(H2)),AND(G2<=TODAY(),NETWORKDAYS(H2,TODAY())>=7)) <TABLE style="WIDTH: 447pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse"...

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