andrew poulsom

  1. vds1

    Where is Andrew Poulsom - MrExcel MVP ?

    Hello Folks, Andrew Poulsom - MrExcel MVP last activity shows May 21st, 2017. He was my guru in Excel with Total post of 73,092. I was wondering if anyone knows about his well being. Thanks, VDS
  2. T

    Recorded Macro Gives "1004" Error When Runs

    I am trying to insert a formula -with so many functions- into a cell using VBA, in order to include it in my bigger code. I wrote the function inside the cell itself and I am using "Record Macro" to get it in the VBA format. The formula itself works perfectly in Excel, before recording it. When...
  3. K

    Assigning If function to a Shape instead of a Command button

    I am trying to assign the following script to an Image as I do not want to use a command button. Upon running it gives me an "Object Required' error message. Kindly assist Sub SaveForm() If TextBox10.Text = "" Then Cancel = 1 MsgBox "Please enter Contribution Ref # field before saving the...
  4. V

    Need Help in Pivot Table!!!!

    Hi All, I need to create a Pivot table of a data where I have some values as %s and some values are as Numeric. I need to show data in pivot table as %s where data value as % and data as numeric where data values are numeric. I have created a new variable where I have multiplied the data...
  5. G

    Complex SUMIF formula

    Hi, I'm trying to use a SUMIF formula in which the criteria is in one column but it has multiple sum ranges determined by the values in a row. Below is a summary of the worksheet from which the formula is being linked. The first column (numbers 1 - 5) and top row (K.5.1.3) represent the...
  6. S

    How to reference file paths given in text box on user form by a user and then perform execution using command buttons on the given file path.

    Hello All, I have certain tasks to be performed for which I have my command buttons on a user form. what I need to do and facing difficulty is that I want the user to input his/her required file name in a text box on the user form and the command buttons should perform execution on that file...
  7. M

    how to convert numerical numbers to words in MS excel & MS world

    how to convert numerical numbers to words in MS excel & MS world

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