1. vds1

    Where is Andrew Poulsom - MrExcel MVP ?

    Hello Folks, Andrew Poulsom - MrExcel MVP last activity shows May 21st, 2017. He was my guru in Excel with Total post of 73,092. I was wondering if anyone knows about his well being. Thanks, VDS
  2. K

    formatting between "(xyzxyz)" in one cell

    All, I want to format parts of cells in a list like this: Each name is in one cell, one row each <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> AR:Central IL (Johns, Andrew) AR:MS South (Luther, Susan) AR:Chicago, IL (Martinez, Ben) AR:Memphis, TN (Glaser, Albert) AR:NE/IA (McGrath, Jason) I...
  3. Q

    Non-Array Index Lookup (first not blank)

    I have a working INDEX lookup function using an array, however due to the data size it takes too long to produce results using arrays { IFERROR(INDEX(Notes!$B:$B,MIN(IF((Notes!$A:$A=$A2)*(Notes!$B:$B<>""),ROW(Notes!$A:$A)),9^9)),"") } This will lookup lookup cell $A2 in Notes!$A:$A column...
  4. D

    Dsum & match, index & match

    All, I have a table (EMP_TASK) with 3 columns (A:A=Task, B:B=Employee, C:C=Hours to Complete). My goal is to auto populate another table (EMP_TOTAL) with the name(E:E=Employee) and sum the total hours (F:F=Total Hours) from EMP_TASK table. Any suggestions, so far the only things I can get are...
  5. A

    formula to find if value meets criteria in another column

    Hi all, I'm having trouble figuring out a formula in excel, and was hoping someone may be able to assist. I have data for a number of people and the status of their work in another column. Essentially want to calculate an overall status. If they have atleast one work complete in 2018, then...
  6. N

    Sumproduct syntax

    I am trying to sumproduct if my column has "j" flag and if the sum does not equal to 0. =SUMPRODUCT(($E$9:$E$289="j")*--(M$9:M$289)<>0) this doesnt work as expected. any ideas please? thanks Andrew
  7. N

    Sumproduct if cell value = "J"

    I am using this formula which works but I want to change the part ISTEXT($E$9:$E$297), to IF Cell Value = "J"... Can't figure it out SUMPRODUCT(--ISTEXT($E$9:$E$297),--ISNUMBER(K$9:K$297)) many thanks, Andrew
  8. J

    Advanced Filter using multiple values in the same criteria

    Hey guys! Is it possible to run an Advanced Filter that accounts for multiple values under the same criteria? Here's what I'd like to achieve: BEFORE: <tbody> ID Name Phone 1 John 99999999 2 Paul 22222222 3 Sara 99999999 4 Vanessa 11111111 5 Andrew 99999999 </tbody> ADVANCED...
  9. B

    Multiple VLOOKUPS

    Hi, I'm kind of lost - I am able to do an IF and VLOOKUP to get the required data but now i am trying to add another IF and VLOOKUP formula to multiply by the discount rate if the purchase if made before the discount end date. I'm really struggling to grasp on the best action to achieve these...
  10. M

    Sumproduct with multiple text criteria giving an #N/A error (Weighted Average Formula)

    <colgroup><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> qty gp salesperson sku 1 4% andrew #N/A 1 4% andrew 2 2 3% andrew 2 3 2% kyle 2 4 4% kyle #N/A </tbody> I want the weighted average of column 2 in regards to column 1 when column 3 equals andrew and when column 4 does not equal #N/A...
  11. A

    Index, Match and Transpose Results

    Hi, so I got this raw data <colgroup><col width="64" style="width:48pt" span="6"> </colgroup><tbody> Name Count Score Andrew 5 98 99 76 82 Christine 2 56 88 Randall 5 82 88 82 76 Kylie 5 54 66 63 77...
  12. E

    How to create a Summary tab off multiple tabs with similar data

    How can I create a summary tab using multiple tabs with similar data? I have laid out 3 tabs below, "John", "Andrew", and "summary". I would like the summary tab to look up off of over 50 different tabs. See below, thank you in advance! <tbody> Tab Name: John A B C D 1 Name...
  13. A

    Textjoin and skip cells with zero

    Hi, Is it possible to textjoin and skip cells with the number zero. I understand I can skip blank cells with true/false etc but zero's are not blank. Example below: <tbody> 1 2 0 3 4 1,2,3,4 </tbody> Thanks Andrew
  14. R

    Highlight a number of cells based on a count not value

    Hello to all, I am truly stumped. I searched but couldn't come up with anything that works. I am trying to highlight a number of cells based on a count not values. In other words if A1 has a number 5. I would like A2:A6, next 5 cells, to automatically highlight. I would prefer something in VB...

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