animate chart

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    how to animate the XY Scatter chart

    hello, i am dipak solanki. i want to prepare the animated chart for variable processes. in which x axis contains time range while y axis contains variable processes.
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    Illustrate/animate hydraulic ram with excel chart

    Does anyone know how to illustrate/animate an hydraulic ram using an excel chart? I've been working on a spreadsheet to do all the general hydarulic ram calculations and I thought it would be a nice feature to illustrate as much of it as possible. I mainly want to show the stroke and angle the...
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    Graphing multiple series over time

    Hey, Any idea how I can show the following in one chart (or any other better way?): August 3rd: sizes____apples________ oranges 1lb ________5 ___________8 2lb ________6___________ 9 3lb ________4___________ 6 4lb ________6___________ 9 etc. August 4th: sizes 1lb ________4...

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