1. F

    Text conversion to number

    Good day all I know there is someone that can assist. I work at a company who's accounting system always exports negative numbers/credits with the annotation of cr at the end of the number for eg, 1000cr, instead of -1000. Is there a formulae that one can use to change it to the latter?
  2. G

    Does cell have Annotation?

    Hi - anyone know a way to determine if a cell has an annotation within the text string? I've got some data that has annotations and I'd like to highlight the cell if it does include an annotation. (This source data gets updated each month so manually going through the list is a last resort...)...
  3. A

    VBA: Parsing XSD - Where's the annotation/documentation items?

    I'm working on a project to parse XSD files into Excel (2010) files to create some mapping documents. I'm just after the Name, Type, size/length and documentation elements. Trouble is, I can't seem to find where the annotation/documentation items are in the SOM (using MSXML6 library). It seems...
  4. K

    Link pivot table annotation/label to table

    I have a bar chart pivot table in excel where the actual names of each bar are a bit hard to understand (but still necessary to display). I only display around 10-15 bars on the plot so I have a decent amount of real estate to play with. To make the data more easily understandable, when I...

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