1. H

    Anonymous user when editing an excel file

    Hi All, I want to create an excel file on a network drive so multiple people can edit and add information however I want it to remain anonymous so I don't want excel to show the username of the person currently editing it when someone else opens the file at the same time. Is there anyway...
  2. L

    Total numeric values for any given date

    Hi, I have a basic spreadsheet with 4 columns of data: Column A contains a date Column D contains a numeric value I want to run a macro/query that outputs the total numeric values for any given date. e.g. <colgroup><col><col span="2"><col></colgroup><tbody> Week Commencing Name...
  3. C

    Text substitution with named variable

    I have a question I'm sure is child's play to you guys. I have a column of users logins and I need to make them anonymous. It's a rather large list, and I'll be repeating this many times, so I'd like to create a macro to do it. Column of names A johnr billm mattv desired outcome...

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