another workbook

  1. R

    How to get dynamic Dropdowns based on the header cell such that the dropdown options are from range, named header cell, in another Source Workbook?

    Hello everyone, I am struck with this problem since yesterday and have been unable to find any solution despite all the web searches. Please help me if it is indeed possible. To better explain the situation: We have multiple templates for different product types (400+). We share these files...
  2. S

    Finding a same value from cell from one workbook to another workbook

    Hi, this is my first post here, i am building a macro where the macro will import data based on cell value from the primary workbook. the cell value will be in workbook 1 but the data will be in workbook 2 and sheet name's will also be n the cell value only, i have build the macro on how to...
  3. M

    Autofill in another workbook

    Hello, I would like to find out how to autofill a column in another workbook. Here is my code so far: Sub Task1 () Set wb4 = Workbooks("Task1") Set ws4 = wb4.Sheets("Sheet1") 'code lines for copy and paste from Workbook "A" to Workbook "Task1" LstRow = ws4.Range("A" &...
  4. H

    Advanced filter from another workbook

    Fluff very kindly posted the following code to enable the automation of advanced filtering from one worksheet to another in the same workbook for variable criteria without having to reinput the criteria each time. But how would this be done from another workbook? The data is in a workbook...
  5. A

    Pulling data from another workbook with VBA code.

    Hello! I am trying to pull data from another workbooks with the INDIRECT function. I have the following table in the main workbook: <tbody> File Value test1 B2 test2 B2 test3 B2 test4 B2 test5 B2 test6 B2 </tbody> I am using this VBA code based on another...
  6. C

    VBA Code to copy paste in workbook from another Workbook

    Hi There, I am a new member!! I have Workbook "ABC" where i am working on weekly based and this workbook has a ID number of Employees. I want to use VBA code to get data from any other workbook "CDE" and paste in "ABC" Workbook if "ABC" workbook ID and Other Workbook "CDE" ID match. How this...
  7. M

    How to copy selection.address cell values to another workbook.?

    hi, I am new to VBA and tryin to reduce some workload to make a small VBA program to copy range randomly with mouse and paste it to destination file. source file is "Mytest.xlsm" and destination file is "BatchEntry.xlsx" I can easily copy range by below code and successfully paste It to other...
  8. S

    colorize a sunburstchart with given cells

    Dear MrExcel community, I would like to color the cells in my sunburst chart in the same color like the cells inside a table from another workbook. It seems that programming a sunburst might not have too many threads. Nevertheless, I'm sure and I hope you will help me finding a proper...
  9. P

    Use CountIFS in VBA with variable criteria

    Hi I've been trying this for a decade (it seems like that) and searched the whole web, but probably it is just some dots, slashes and other punctual stuff thats wrong with my code. Ok what I'm trying to do is rather easy, I would like to put a countifs formula in a cell by VBA. The more...
  10. I

    Hlookup in a for loop to another workbook

    Hi MrExcel, I want to hlookup a range of values from one workbook to another. I the looked up values to be actual numbers instead of formulas. I can get it to work without a loop, but as soon as I add the loop, it won't work. Can anyone see what is wrong from the code below? myFileName =...
  11. R

    Comboxes & Commandbutton

    Hi, I'm creating a measurment document were I would like to have several combined ComboBoxes and then send that information to another workbook. I've done this with Data Validation Lists, but I got more then 8 choises and it's a pain to work with a scroll-list. I've been able to combine the...
  12. girapas

    Copy named range to another Workbook

    The workbook MyBook1 has a sheet, say DataSheet1, where there is a dynamic range, with the Name "FullNames", that refers to: OFFSET(Datasheet!$C$1;1;0;COUNTA(DataSheet!$C:$C)-1;1). Before closing MyBook1, I want to open another workbook, say MyBook2, and copy the "FullNames" to the sheet...
  13. V

    copy many sheets to another workbook by vba

    I had to copy four or five sheets(including a chart sheet) to another workbook. I used these code statements With ThisWorkbook .Sheets(Array("new tally", "tally", "pivot macro", "chart macro")).Copy _ before:=Workbooks("monthly tallies.xls").Sheets(1) End With This crashes excel. I do...

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