1. S

    [VBA] Make AppActivate('d) window maximised

    Hello, I have this code: Sub OpenBrowserLink(link) Dim sh As Object, oWin As Object, IE As Object Set sh = CreateObject("Shell.Application") 'Find an IE Window For Each oWin In sh.Windows If TypeName(oWin.Document) = "HTMLDocument" Then Set IE =...
  2. M

    AppActivet for inactive webpage.

    Hi, my Webpage is not active when i run this macro, Sendkeyps UP hapens in excel, is there a way to make the web paga active, like AppActive? I cant get AppActive to work befor the sendkeys command. The funny thing is that the macro works IF i open VBA befor i run it.. Sub automatic_order()...
  3. H

    Add Copy + Paste to Sendkey Code

    Good Morning, I inherited this Send Key Code that on Column A contains the name, Column B is the amount & it updates the application amount, Column D works with the macro to copy the name from the application into the sheet and use Column E to identify if whether the name in Column A = Column...
  4. B

    Using AppActivate to switch to other software that is open

    I'm trying to get Excel to switch over to a completely different software that has a title that is difficult to capture....and as you may know AppActivate needs the exact title to do that. I need a method that captures the full title name and passes the string to AppActivate.... This part...
  5. G

    Opening a file within a file using VB?

    Good evening, I'm a bit of a novice with access but I'm trying to work on automating some mundane tasks at work. I want to make a form in access that I can press a button it will switch to my work program, navigate to the correct part (I have this working with AppActivate and SendKeys) but I...
  6. L

    After activating another window, macro stops running when it is required to AppActivate "Excel", True until excel window manually clicked and then it

    I have been sweating this for days mow and I have had enough. If I use this easy sample code to switch windows, the code works no problem: Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() AppActivate ("Untitled - Notepad"), True Wait (3) 'a custom function that delays - works fine so i can see whats going...
  7. B

    appactivate is not working

    hi, thanks for letting me join this community. i am very curious about vba, but my knowlwdge is very little. 1. i´d like someone to explain me why instruction APPACTIVATE doesn't work on my excel2013. 2. is this or is this not an excel2013 instruction? 3. my goal is to activate excel no matter...
  8. S

    Not working in Mac 2011

    Hi, this code works perfectly on a PC (Excel 2010) but not on a Mac (Excel 2011) AppActivate "GOOGLE CHROME", False Just trying to activate Chrome but I get the following error: Compile Error: Wrong Number of arguments or invalid property assignment I have looked everywhere for a solution but...
  9. S

    Excel VBA – AppActivate works for me but not for others

    Hi, I hope someone can help me here as this particular problem is starting to drive me INSANE!! I’m using MS Office 2013 on Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit I have code in an Excel workbook which saves an embedded OLE object (a Word document in this case) out to the user’s personal drive (which is...
  10. S

    Paste data in a new notepad File, save it and close it

    Dear All, I want to open a notepad file from my excel file, paste a range of cells from my excel file to the current notepad file, name the notepad file same as my current file name and ultimately save it on either Desktop or the same path where my excel file exists and close the notepad file...
  11. M

    AppActivate losing focus

    Hi, I'm trying to open a non-MS application and then use the SendKeys command. The window activates, but then it seems to lose focus by the next line (SendKeys). I can't even get it to work in Notepad with an example of simple code I found online: Sub Write_Notepad() AppActivate ("Untitled...
  12. D

    AppActivate Works Only Half the Time

    So I've created an Excel workbook to start and stop an external stopwatch and automatically copy the time to Excel, and everything works perfectly except the Stop function. Half the time it activates and the other half it doesn't. I used the ALT+TAB VBA SendKeys command which works fine, but...
  13. T

    How to get some response from other applications

    Hi there, I am using Excel macros to provide some data to other application (SAP R3 window) using SendKeys and AppActivate funcionality. I have two questions according to this : 1. How can I receive the names/titles of all currently opened windows/programs (bring them to the cells of excel...

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