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    Automatically Append Excel Data to another Dataset

    I'm trying to automatically append any new data from one excel tab (ReportExport) to another tab (MappingTool) if the vlookup on the MappingTool tab is equal to N/A. Example: A new ReportExport is run everyday. The Report Export is linked to the Mapping Tool tab using a VLooup to confirm the...
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    Append text to new entries in a specific column.

    Hi, I want to add the string "_manual" to any new data entries which I will be making in column number "D". Can anybody kindly advise macro for this? Thanks in advance. Vinod Nair.
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    VBA - IF Contains then wrap with Chr in another cell

    Good-day. I have 2 columns of data (D, E), each with multiple rows of data in (number of rows changes depending on task): 1st column (D) = base term (blue widgets) 2nd column (E) = Exact, Phrase or Broad (can you tell what I do for living!?) I need something that copies the value in column D...
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    How to append text?

    I have a textbox used as a comment. This textbox on a form writes to a cell on a worksheet. For example, I type, "Hello World" in the textbox. "Hello World" gets copied to cell "A1" on another worksheet. How do I append the text, "Hello World", to what is already in cell "A1"?

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