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    With Application.FileSearch - Runtime error '445': Object doesn't support this action

    Hi all - Would some kind soul please put me out of my misery - worked in XL2003 - but not in XL2010. Have searched forum, but need someone to amend my specific bit of inherited code. Cheers ! 'RECORDED FROM A CSV FILE SAVED TO XL 'ChDir "C:\Users\Mark\Desktop"...
  2. M

    application.filesearch fix needed

    Hi Newbie here posting for the first time, hi everyone. Ive been given an old spreadsheet to use and there's an issue with application.filesearch and excel 2010. The code is below. Could one of you nice guys recommend a fix for it?? Set blah = Application.FileSearch With...
  3. R

    Another Application.FileSearch replacement question

    I'm trying to fix some code written by someone else long ago. It makes use of application.filesearch to populate a few arrays and place the information in some listboxes. I've read many post on replacing the application.filesearch, but have not had any luck figuring this out. Any help would be...
  4. C

    Application.FileSearch Error

    Hi Guys, I am not good with VBA. Recently all are sytems are migrated from WIN XP to Win7. Since then whenever we run a specific macro we get an error. Can somebody help me fix the code.. PFB the code : Option Explicit Dim fd As FileDialog ' 'Declare a variable as a FileDialog object. Dim...
  5. S

    Replacement for Application.FileSearch

    Hi, I've been reading this forum for a while, but this is my first post. :) I've created in macro in Excel 2003 that uses Application.FileSearch to open all Excel files in a specified directory. I've used a variable (vinputfile) to hold name of the open file and the macro then copies cells...
  6. B

    Application.filesearch help

    Hi all I have just been upgraded here at work from office 2003 to office 2010 and now the following code doesnt work... With Application.FileSearch .NewSearch .LookIn = "\\\sim_spf$\Investment\Investment Selection\Fund Research &...
  7. M

    2007 Excel , No Application.FileSearch anymore Help

    Hi, Just got the new excel 2007 and foud it doesn't have the Application.FileSearch anymore, which we use quite a bit. I've been trying to work a way around it but have had no luck. I'm on a time crunch so thought for the first time I'll ask the internet for the first time out of desperation...

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