1. kweaver

    VBA cannot find SUMIFS in WorksheetFunction class

    What's wrong here? Dim Arg1 As Range 'the range i want to sum Dim Arg2 As Range 'criteria range Dim Arg3 As Range 'the criteria (range) Set Arg1 = Sheets("TextFile").Range("M5:N10000") Set Arg2 = Sheets("TextFile").Range("K5:K10000") Set Arg3 =...
  2. S

    Correlation Matrix Macro returning blank values

    Greetings, I have a correlation matrix macro that I use to find correlation values for pairs of data. The macro seems to be working fine, but some of the matrix cell values are left blank. The blank sections are associated with specific parameters and hence leave entire columns and rows...
  3. S

    Unable to get the Pearson Property of the worksheetfunction class

    Greetings, I am receiving the error "Unable to get the Pearson Property of the WorksheetFunction Class" Runtime Error on the line below. Arg1 and Arg2 are both Range variables. J, and i are integer variables. I would like the value of Cells(j,i) to be the value of the Pearson...

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