array constants

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    Array formula with array constant

    I need help with creating an array formula for a spreadsheet I'm developing. The percentages are constants. In the calculated total column I want the sum of 100%*10 + 88%*20 + 68%*29 + 50%*15 + 20%*6 for each line. Any help or guidance will be greatly appreciated. - Fred <tbody> 100% 88%...
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    using vba to copy array constants names and definitions from one workbook to another

    I have two workbooks, one for last year's dataset and another for this years. I use a lot of array constants. I would like to copy the array constant names and definitions from one workbook to the other. How can I do this in VBA?
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    Matching First Letter of Cell to a Fixed Array Set

    Hi, Trying to get the following to work: =LOOKUP(LEFT(B69,1),{"T","J","N","C","P"},{"Travel","Journalism","Nature","Creative","Pictorial"}) B69 contains TM, so the answer should be "Travel", but the formula above results in "Pictorial". The lookup cell will always have two letter codes...
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    Setting Up Loop for Data pull (match) from other tabs

    Hi All, So I have been struggling very much with setting up a series of Loops and Do While functions in order to pull results from specific tabs, and from specific rows and columns on these tabs (based on known information). Simply: I have two columns to populate with data -CompanyA...
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    Average of Sumproducts

    Hi all. I've just stumbled on this forum and am hoping for some help. My goal is to obtain the average of sumproducts where I have a constant array as the first input of the sumproduct and several thousand rows as the second input of the sumproduct formula. As a simple example, let's assume...
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    Dynamic array constants

    Greeting all! <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p> </o:p> Is it possible to create a dynamic array constant? For example lets say we have the following array formula =if(type={A,B,C},if(category={X,Y,Z},if(mode=”No”,value))) <o:p> </o:p> It works...

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