array copy

  1. J

    Copying an Array of cell values to another sheet

    Hi everyone...I'm having trouble with the following code. My intent is to click on any cell in column "E" on activesheet, that will triger a "find" on sheet("SM") and copy the found value, plus the cell four to the "found cells" left and 6 cells to the its right. The vaslues in these 3 cells...
  2. C

    Excel VBA Array - copy down array from previous row and change few values

    Could anyone have code to copy down the last row of a two dimensional array and amend few values in the newly created row?
  3. D

    Trouble transferring Array back to worksheet - XL10

    I have a workbook that is doing something I don't understand. In several places I am using arrays to transfer/modify information, then placing the array back onto the worksheet, and this works perfectly. The following code... doesn't. (I've cut out unnecessary code like variable...
  4. J

    VBA Array copying of formats

    I am producing a condensed version of a report, reducing the number of columns from around 500 to around 100. I am doing this by capturing the entire range as an array, then passing only the columns I want to a new array and outputing back to worksheet. Very Fast for the data. However, I also...
  5. A

    loop through sheet arrays

    i am having trouble working with sheet arrays. i have a relatively simple task of producing a particular report which gives our customers a snapshot of their stats for a week and then saving the file twice - once as is, and secondly with no links/formulas/etc (basically paste as values for...
  6. Y

    Array copy

    Hi, Array values from one Data should get copied to another cell of which the cell value provided by user e.g Suppose Array has values { 1,2,5,} In another cell suppose i give value 5 Then in the values of array should get copied from 5th column regards, ---Yogi

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