array #n/a user function

  1. N

    Help to change VBA Array Index Formula to remove #N/A leave blank

    Hello Board, I am trying to figure out how I can change the following line of code to leave out the #N/A and just leave the cell values blank. I think that this would be an easy task but I can not figure it out. Range("DS8:DS78").FormulaArray = "=INDEX('Cover...
  2. RumJellybean

    Hide #N/A in an Array? ISNA isn't working

    I am using a formula to gather data from specified "DATA ENTRY" cell ranges(sheet1!a1:a30) and (sheet2!a1:a30), Into one "SUMMARY" range (sheet6!a1:a60). The cells in the "DATA ENTRY" ranges will have varying ammounts of data input into them. In combination, I am also using a User-Defined...

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