1. R

    Issue with a formula (sum with conditions)

    Hi guys, We are talking about buildings, which is irrelevant, but it may be relevant only for your understanding of the issue. I have an issue with this formula. I need a formula that is able to sum the values based on particular conditions: 1) Based on the central cost 2) Based on CAPEX...
  2. M

    Entering minutes and seconds in excel

    I am creating a new KPI (Key Performance Indicator) dashboard for my company. One of the stats included is our ASA (Average Speed of Answer) and I'm trying to input the weekly numbers for each department and they have a MTD & YTD portion that will give us the overall average. The format of this...
  3. K

    Help Tagging Data where certain criteria met

    Excel WorkbookABCDE1517-19-2010 0:31 PM - Data Export1521537-19-2010 0:31 PM - Report for Voice System name: xyz-123 ANYWEHRE USA - list usage exten 20063154155156VDNVDN Number20063157VectorVector Number939Step5158VectorVector Number952Step51591607-19-2010 0:31 PM - Data Export1611627-19-2010...

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