1. H

    ASCII code behaviour and special characters in Excel

    Hi all, I've read a fair bit about special characters, ASCII code, code/char functions etc. in Excel but still have a couple of understanding questions where I was hoping someone could shed a little light on them or point me to a direction for further reading: (using the num keypad only): - In...
  2. sharky12345

    Convert Ascii to string

    I'm using this to convert a string to ascii; Public Function asciien(s As String) As String' Returns the string to its respective ascii numbers Dim i As Integer For i = 1 To Len(s) asciien = asciien & CStr(Asc(Mid(s, i, 1))) Next i End Function Can someone show me how to...
  3. T

    converting HEX string to ascii string

    I saw your example converting hex to ascii "=CHAR(HEX2DEC("4A"))". I would like to know how to convert a string of hex to ascii. There is example: 5238304d33335446462 and convert to R80M33TFF
  4. E

    Date and time stamping cells

    I try to freeze date and time on the Excel cell and I know NOW() would change by the date and hour. CTRL+; --> to freeze the date CTRL+SHIFT+; --> to freeze the time Please tell me how and where I could put the ASCII code on the cells. (Recording macro does not reveal the code)...
  5. J

    Create Bipmap in Excel

    I need to create characters for a printer. I have heard of Excel applications that can create bitmap images for a number of sizes such as 1x9, 2x9, ... 10x9 image size. I was hoping that some one can point me to this application so hat I can create right and left print ASCII characters for a...
  6. S

    Pulling ASCII data through com port

    I am trying to write an application to pull data from a device through a COM port (or virtual com port). The company I work for has an external application that is used to pull the data and builds charts. We then paste the charts in an excel report and have no access to the actual data. I...
  7. N

    Display ASCII Character Codes higher than 255 in appropriate script

    Hi there - I've been trying to get Excel to display high-value ASCII codes but am failing so far... Basically, I've extracted a load of data from an SQL database, and a large amount of the data is appearing as character codes (e.g. "&#1332 ;" - without the space in between the "2" and the ";")...
  8. T

    KeyDown function not returning Ascii values for some key presses

    I have a routine here that uses KeyDown to get the value of a key press in a userform and use it for a wildcard search in a list box. I refining the code and making changes to accommodate my list and I have discovered that the KeyDown integer values don't always correspond to the ascii...
  9. O

    Special characters in procedures and variables: MySub§() ¿testSub() CopyrightSub©() Range¤ ...

    I know we all have our way of naming functions, subs and variables. But why don't we use special characters in the procedure-names? Like: MyFunctionName§() or MyCopyrightSub©() or even ¿test_MyFunctionName() It has his advantages! Procedures starting with one can be alphabetical above...
  10. M

    Calculate ASCII value of a string

    I want to get the sum of a string using the ASCII value. I tried this =SUM(MID(A1,1,LEN(A1))) but of course I get the #VALUE! error. So for example the word Black will get a sum of 477. The ASCII values of each letter are 66 108 97 99 107 and when summed I get the 477.
  11. J

    Convert a character to its ASCII value

    I thought (remembered?) it was easy to convert a char to ASCII using ASC() as follows: Col B is formatted to type=Number A1 holds "N" B1 holds =ASC(A1) expected but got "N" another attempt: B1 holds =ASCII(A1) #NAME I searched MRExcel and google for "Excel Convert...
  12. K

    write different formats into an ascii file

    Hello, I need to create a file from an excel sheet. The VBA project reads values of cells and write them into the file (ofln): Open OFLN For Output As 1 For IR = 1 To 72 XLINE ="" For IC = 11 To 19 A$ = LTrim(RTrim(Cells(IR, IC).Value)) XLINE = XLINE + Chr$(32) + A$ Next IC XLINE =...
  13. T

    ASCII characters in DBF file

    I need to add trademark and registered trademark ASCII characters to a DBFIII database. The DBF file gets opened in Excel. An ASCII code (alt+0153 for trademark) is inserted and displays correctly. But, when the file is saved and re-opened, the 'TM' is a question mark. What combination of keys...
  14. T

    Foreign characters in a puzzle macro

    I've got a puzzle program which displays foreign characters fine in the input text box but all accented characters are being output into the created puzzle grid instead of being included in the clues section of puzzle. This problem only occurs with accented characters like those in Spanish or...
  15. J

    VBA Validating a Postcode in userform

    I have created a userform and I would like the first character of my textbox to be a letter. The textbox is to be used for the postcode. I have some code that will only allow letters, numbers and spaces to be entered into this box, but I don't know how to insist that the first entry is a...

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