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    make rows and paste acording to a cellinfo

    I created a thread yesterday and this is the continue of my macro which I believe has to change what I had help with yesterday . Sorry for not thinking the whole thing through before posting Here is what I...
  2. V

    Split Value

    Hello All, good day. I have excel file in the below format. Sheet Name :- Sheet1 <tbody> QTY Data Value Solution QTY Data Value 1 TSK desc1 1 TSK desc1 2 ASD DESC201 1 ASD DESC201 1 ASDF des30 1 ASD DESC201...
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    Paste multiple lines from single point of reference

    I want to copy multiple lines from one sheet that have the same reference number into another sheet, any ideas how? e.g. all the rows that have the ref: 123 <tbody> Ref Info1 Info2 Info3 123 wer asd uio 456 ert dfg wer 123 xxy bbg yyhj 123 wer asd ffg 456 erg wer asd </tbody>
  4. M

    Index or Pivot Table

    Hi All Please could help be provided with the following. I am trying search for a value in the Name Column - in this instance ABCD and at each occurrence return the entire row associated with ABCD Sample data <colgroup><col><col span="6"></colgroup><tbody> Name Thing 1 Thing 2 Thing 3...
  5. S

    (VBA) Search duplicates in column then work on whole rows

    Hi Guys, I will describe you my problem as far as I can. I need help with a macro which fill search for duplicates based on column D and IF THERE IS duplicated row, he will be always in next following row. Then all what we need to do is delete the duplicated rows, but add values from columns...

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