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    Price/volume effects by customer groups

    Hello I need to calculate price / volume / mix effects between year N and N+1, but by customer groups. So by customer it is very easy to have each effect: Price = (Price N+1 - Price N) * Volume N Volume = (Volume N+1 - Volume N) * Price N Mix = (Price N+1 - Price N) * (Volume N+1 - Volume N)...
  2. T

    VBA: List Row in Separate Sheet if multiple criteria's are met and more! Need help!

    Hello! Any guidance and help will be GREATLY appreciated! I have written out what I need (with examples) to give you a clear picture on what I'm trying to accomplish. I hope it helps. Scenario I have a "revenue forecast" sheet that shows Customer, Item, Quantity and Average Selling Price...
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    xmlHttp Post in VBA from ASP Query?

    Good Afternoon, I have been trying to no avail to get a VBA script to tunnel to my corporate reports viewer which is ASP I believe, choose a drop down choice, enter in a SKU and run the query. I have been able to successfully do it when I have VBA launch and IE window for me, but that process...
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    Solution to auto-populate data from Excel to website

    Hi I am looking for a solution to auto-populate a web form on from a list in Excel. Start will be clicked by default. Next, State Pension Age will be selected by default Next, Gender will be selected per Excel Next, DOB populated from Excel (dropdowns...
  5. D

    Extract Data from aspx web form ( to excel using VBA

    Ok, this is what I would like to do. I need to access an aspx website that I log into with my own personal login. There is a specific collection data I would like to then navigate to and that is a web form that houses data for my clients. I want to aggregate this form data into an excel sheet. I...
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    Cannot import data from Excel 2013 into ASP file

    I am using Excel 2013, and I am following the example here: VBScript Scripting Techniques: Read Excel files without using Excel that reads in Excel data as an ADO record set to a classic ASP file using VBScript. I am not able to import all the Excel data successfully, and I need to know what I'm...
  7. L

    XMLHTTP problems

    I'm trying to extract data from some webpages. I'm pulling in the html with an XMLHTTP object and extracting the desired information with Regex. The following code works fine for vanilla ".html" pages: Dim pageHTML As String Dim oXMLHTTP As Object Set oXMLHTTP =...

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