1. J

    Aggregate two tables onto one granulity

    Hello everybody, I have two tables in the following format: tblSkills: <tbody> Name ID Function Assembly Drilling Polishing Package Jeremy 001 Operator 1 1 0 0 Rodger 002 Operator 1 0 0 0 </tbody> tblPlanning: <tbody> Date ID State 01.01.2019 001 Assembly 01.01.2019 001 Drilling...
  2. H

    VLOOKUP or Advanced Filter in vba for my userform

    Hi All, I'm trying to develop a Userform to capture defects detected in an electronic manufacturing plant. Userform (below): I have managed to set up dependent combo boxes that helps to identify the customer and part number. I would like the Assembly Description to be populated in a...
  3. K

    Tracking several phase of several manufactured products

    Wise people of the forum... I am in need of a way to do tracking. We manufacturer many different products for many customers. Each product needs to move through several phase of assembly. We would like to move a product through assembly using dates. I have looked at Gnatt chartd but all I can...
  4. L

    Help Getting Started on First Database

    Hello Everyone, First let me say that I genuinely want to learn how to use Access to build databases, I am just looking for guidance and have hit a brick wall trying to figure out my project. I have never built an Access Database and was wondering if someone would be willing to assist in...
  5. B

    Excel VBA Macro Runs Fine Until I turn On add-in Power Query

    My macro runs fine until I turn on power-query. Once this is turned on I get an error message. How can I run the macro error free with power-query turned on? Win7/64+Office2013/32 Error Message: " See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of...
  6. P

    Select All Sheets

    Hi, I am trying to select all sheets with the name assembly. What happens is it selects all sheets with the name Assembly, assembly (2), assembly (3), etc. Then it adds a color to range T13:U21 based on the value in another sheet. But Everytime I try a different code, it only applies to the last...
  7. C

    Returning Cell Value to Different Cell Based on Criteria

    I'm not sure how to explain what I need so hopefully the cells below explain. I have created some dummy data similar to what I need. I'm trying to create a formula to go into the parent column (G) that will return the value from the part number column (B) of the parent above. All parents are a...
  8. S

    DAX DATEMTD Won't Calculate Properly

    I've been in countless forums looking for the solution to this problem.I'm working with a Data Model (Power Pivot), and I'm completing my measures for the current total of Defect Per UnitThe Measure for the TOTAL works just fine.The Measure for the YTD works just fine.The Measure for the MTD...
  9. S

    Summarize Date by Week

    Our HR department wants me to create an easy way for them to summarize the following data: Sheet1 <tbody> A B C D E 1 Name Home Dept Dept Worked In Date Hours Worked 2 Garrett Assembly Injection 11/7/2017 4 3 aNgela Assembly Paint 11/1/2017 6 4 Travis Injection Assembly 11/2/2017 8...
  10. M

    How to return multiple match values from Selected Criteria

    I have two columns called "Job" and "Activity" - There can be multiple activities for one job (But they differ for each job) e.g. For Job X the Activity can be Certification, Assembly, Painting, etc. For EACH of the Numbered Items it can be Assembly, Inspection, Painting, etc. Is there a...
  11. A

    help creating a seating chart

    Hello, I was wondering if someone knew a way I could create a seating chart that fills x number of cells based on values from another sheet.. Using Excel 2003. Example sheet 1 would have class names and sizes. then sheet 2 would fill in the cells based on the class size. Example sheet...
  12. M

    Vlookup in reverse/Crew assembly

    Hello, I have a huge spread sheet of different crews for my estimating program which i have attached a sample of it, i want to be able to put the number of the crew members in the exact kind of form with blank quantities, and the name of the crew pops up, i want to say: i need 1 forman,3...

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