assigning a value to text

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    Assigning a Value based on the Count of numbers in a specific Coumn

    I am currently having to manually count how many times a number appears in a single column ranging from 25-50 rows long. I need a VBA code that allows me to take the numbers in the pasted column and not only count them but apply a value to them. For Example: Pasted on sheet 1 Column A: 111...
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    Filtering and declaration

    Hi All, I have declared the below Dim Fltr As String Dim Component As Integer Fltr1 = "USA" Fltr2 = "Ireland" Fltr3 = "Australia" and I am trying to loop in by using the above for the filter shown below. Selection.AutoFilter ActiveSheet.Range("$A:$U").AutoFilter Field:=2...
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    adding values to text to create percentages

    This spreadsheet seemed simple at the outset and yet I am having a really tough time with it. I need to create a column which has one of three possible text values in its cells: yes, no, or n/a. What I need to do is assign values to the yes, no or n/a so that I can get the total percentage...

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