1. D

    Changing folder attributes - Run-time error ‘70’: permission denied

    Can someone help me please. I am trying map out my hard drive – which files are in which folder, folder sizes etc.. This requires that I access folders. The problem is that if the folder attribute is not normal i.e. folder.attribute is not =0 then when the procedure runs I get: Run-time error...
  2. B

    Selecting info based on a previous column

    I have a list of data made up of four columns, Element, Feature, Attribute, Life Expectancy, an example would be fire access & security systems(Element)>cctv system(Feature)>recorded(Attribute)>25(Life Expectancy). Each one of the columns is related to the previous one, so if I was to select...
  3. P

    Attribute Issues

    Hi! Whenever I dim an attribute to "shape" it makes it captialize weird. Say I type "dim shp as shape" it returns this "Dim shp as sHape" Anyone know why it would capitalize the "H"?
  4. T

    SO Close and yet so far. Simple answer Im sure.

    Hello, i have a book full of item numbers for an ecommerce site. The template requires me to segregate the upload data. I need to Index RAW DATA on sheet10 and place into Sheet4. Step 1 is to find the matching Item# (Key data) and then read across that entire row to find the matching attribute...
  5. T

    using index with multiple conditions

    Hello all, I am trying to match 2 cells and post result of another cell. here is where I am now. I have 100 attribute labels and attribute values in one workbook. Need to extract the matching Item number I lookup and then find and match all attribute labels and values that are relevant to...
  6. B

    VBA Workbook Attributes/Properties

    Hello all, So, I'm trying to gather several properties for a number of workbooks in a folder: Original Author Creation Date File Size File Type i have been using the .BuiltinDocumentProperties property to gather the author and creation date but I'm having difficulty getting the last two...
  7. J

    Select Range by Dynamic Attribute

    Hi Team, Columns("C2:" & ColumnLetter & rwMax).Select I am trying to select from C2:G16 But Not able to do so with Dynamic values.
  8. T

    Index and Match problems.

    I am trying to line up columns of data that are all jumbled. Example. length x width x height are in my sheet in a row. But are in different columns. I've tried to Index and match to no avail. How can I search for a cell label marked WIDTH in a row and then get the next cell to the right with...
  9. A

    Excel 2010 - Need A hand

    Hi, in another thread I outlined problems running version 2007. To resolve tehm I dexcided to buy Office 2010 hoping that would fix things. I've installed it but trouble straight away... e.g. The code in this project must be updated for use on 64-bit systems. Please review and update Declare...
  10. M

    Copy a cell with the format

    I need to move a series of cells from various sheets to a new "master" sheet. Some are text, some are numbers, some are percents and two are dates. Is there a method or cell attribute assignment that will do this for me? Thanks
  11. R

    Vlookup using keywords

    Hello, I have a WB with 2 sheets. Sheet1, column "O" is filled with almost identical statements but at the beginning of each statement has a different number pattern. Here's an example. 17849 - 20140469 REPL CLI-UNIT ALREADY TRADED 17849 - 20140237 REPL CLI-UNIT ALREADY TRADED 17849 - 20140193...
  12. E

    Formula to check cell for a word (Text), if true return abbreviation for that word.

    Apologies in advance for the ambiguous title. I am creating a sheet to automatically generate SKU's by combining product attributes. <tbody> Product Name Size Color Type Material Shape Quantity SKU 2mm Aqua Glass Rhinestone Round 2mm Aqua Rhinestone Glass Round 3k 2m-aq-rhresrd-3k </tbody>...
  13. B

    Attribute VB_Base

    Dear All, I've created a file, loaded with macros, userforms and so on The file opening becomes gradually slower over the time (usually takes a few weeks), until it becomes impossible to open it. When this happens, I found a remedy: 1, open it with Excel Online 2, edit it with Excel Online...

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