1. Ruddles

    Read current audio volume setting

    Hi Everyone, I know how to change the audio volume level setting using VBA by sending the VK_VOLUME_UP and VK_VOLUME_DOWN codes to the virtual keyboard, but my code also needs to know what the actual level is. I've been trying to persuade The Google to tell me but haven't even got as far as...
  2. F

    SendKeys Method Hide Screen While executing

    Hi, I am executing a coding using sendkeys method. I wouldnt like to show the pages in the internet that I am using until the code delivers the resultant. The code below opens the google translator and write something, then it plays the audio from google translator audio play. How to hide the...
  3. W

    VLookup VBA

    Good evening, I attempting to use a Vlookup as to provide me with a yes-no answer and then use that to lock out a box if the answer is "No". I need to define the sheet as it will be hidden to the user as they input data on a Userform. However, every time I run this code I get a run-time...
  4. A

    Convert CSV file to WAV audio file

    Hi, I have audio data which was digitized using a data logger. It is saved as a CSV file with column A being the time values and column B are the digitized voltage values. While I can easily chart the audio, I would like to be able to hear the recorded sound. In looking around the Web, I...
  5. K

    Beep when condition is met?

    Hi, I have this formula =IF(ISBLANK(A7),"",IFERROR(VLOOKUP(A7,'B - Return Stock Data'!A$2:B$500,2,FALSE), "Car Stock")) It is working great but just wanted to up my game and see can I have the sheet Beep if it returns the value "Return" which will come in from the VLOOKUP? I am aware it may...
  6. H

    VBA Play audiofile without stopping code

    Hey guys!! In VBA i made a countdown timer, when it gets to 0 it executes an .wav audiofile then the countdown timer resets and counts down again. The problem is the code waits for the audiofile to play (~3 sec) before continuing. So you could imagine, if I counted down for 1min, the actual...
  7. D

    Play sound when duplicate value entered

    Hello, hopefully someone can help me with this request. In column A I will be entering a list of product codes, without looking at the screen. I want Excel to play a designated audio file when a duplicate value is entered, so I am alerted that it is a duplicate and can take appropriate action...
  8. D

    Timer, Alarm, Audio Alarm

    So I have a computer that runs production spreadsheets continually. Excel always open. Different spreadsheets continually but personal.xlsm stays open all the time. We have a production schedule we need to adhere to and it requires an action every so many hours. The number of hours between...
  9. E

    Using Vba to run/open an audio file

    A very cold hello as its -16 centigrade here and thought I should start working on my new project. I have been searching through vba sites for a simple code input that enables me to have a macro play and audio file. Now, I understand it may need to be saved as a wav file but cannot get...
  10. B

    Audio File Randomizer

    I have pieced together a macro that will play a song according to a schedule that I have laid out. The problem that I am running into is that people are getting sick of the same song and its a pain to redefine the file destination all of the time. I need a way to randomize the songs being...
  11. RayJay

    Excel to tabulate info about audio files

    Hi all, I have a ton of audio files (12.something gigs worth) on my phone, all with names like ABCD.mp3 (since they were taken off my iPod). Is there a way to take these files, and tabulate the information about them (which is stored in the Advanced Summary in the Properties of each file) such...

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