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  1. dejhantulip

    Dynamically adjusting SUM formula when adding rows at the bottom

    Hello everyone! I need some help figuring out how to work out a SUM formula that would "dynamically adjust" itself "auto adjust" itself when rows are added at the bottom of the sum range I have right now defined. Here is a screenshot illustration: So, for instance, as you can see I have a...
  2. S

    Automatically change year in Excel in available dates

    I am working on a daily stocks data that have dates that range from 2016 to 2000. The problem is the the data I have imported have converted all the years to "2016". The dates are in descending order. When the dates move from Januray to the next year's december, the year does not change...
  3. R

    Auto update column when ComboBox selection is made

    I've been putting together a macro that reads in cells from one specific row on <CODE>Sheet1</CODE> and places them onto a ComboBox on a <CODE>Sheet2</CODE> <CODE>|cellA | cellB | cellC | cellD | ... |cellZ | </CODE> </PRE>Once loaded to the ComboBox, whatever cell is selected there has it's...
  4. A

    Auto Resize Text

    Is there a way using VBA to make the text in a box, consisting of merged cells, auto fit the box? Example: The user enters a small amount of text in this large area of merged cells and runs AutoResizeText script. The script should resize the text to lets say a maximum of font size 16. On...
  5. C

    Format cell as Currency or Number based on value of another cell

    How can I format a cell to be either currency or a number, based on another cell value? For example, if A1="BP", then B1 should auto format as a Number when a value is entered. However, if A1="Flat fee", then B1 should auto format to be Currency when a value is entered. Cell A1 (whole column...

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