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    Force Userform textbox to text only format

    I have a userform that has various codes that are beingmistaken by excel as date format or something and it keeps changing my formatautomatically. The few of the code types are below. 1 2 3-5 3-17 3-23 3-61 7-81 7-86 How can I get these to stop changing when the userform macroexecutes and...
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    Filtering in Corresponding Gross Value using VBA in Excel

    Good day... I'm new in this forum... I have a spreadsheet that uses filter to narrow down my search/selection but the gross value doesn't change. I would love an excel shhet that has the corresponding gross value as the filter changes. I can send you a dummy file for clarity. Best, Akpflow...
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    Date Auto-fill via numbers in external table

    Hello, I am not completely sure if this is possible, I have a table like below: <tbody> A B C D E F G H 7/1/2015 1500 2400 3600 7/2/2015 1500 1500 3600 7/3/2015 1600 2400 3600 7/4/2015 1600 3600 1800 7/5/2015 2400 3600 1600 ETC.... </tbody> If...
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    Auto-Adjusting Graphics

    Hey Guys, I appreciate any help that anybody can offer. I am making a presentation formatted in Excel, and I have run into a small problem. The presentation has a section that is updated frequently that requires a good bit of time to adjust. What I have in place right now is series of boxes...
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    Automatically adjusting rows displayed based upon data input

    One sheet of my workbook is a master summary sheet where data is entered. Column A contains numbers that we use as a VLookup Reference key for other sheets in this workbook. Example: Master Summary Sheet 1 Bob 2 Fred 3 George 4 .... 105 Now, I want other sheets in this work book to only...

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