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    Auto Hide Columns based on passed Dates!!!

    Good Morning 2 ALL!!! I need help with macro to auto hide all columns w/passed dates! Starting in F5 which has the date 1/1/2018, to the end of W/S columns always in row 5. All dates are progressive to the end of W/S Columns! Is this possible??? Thanks for any help!!! :confused: :confused...
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    Autohide Specific Columns

    I work with a specific spreadsheet daily... This spreadsheet is sent as a "new" spreadsheet each day to my email (company policy, even if it is slightly moronic lol) but since that is the case, I have to format each spreadsheet daily to get rid of the data I don't really need. I would...
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    VBA Macro to hide column when cell is = 4

    How do I auto hide column when a specific cell is equal to 4; Cell P2 will have either a 4 or a 5, when it is equal to 4, I need column "O" to be hidden. Thanks!
  4. H

    code to auto hide blank columns

    I need help to auto hide columns if the result of a cell (with firmula) returns value (blank or #N/A) other than numbers: Case: cell G5 to Z5 will capture and show invoice numbers from a summary sheet if formula criterials are met. (i.e. G5 to Z5 contain formulas), if not, it will be blank (i...

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